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Our Inner Lives seeks to be a space for the unified expression of women’s inner and outer lives. We honor women’s inner lives of faith, religious practice, spiritual transformation and commitment to causes greater than ourselves. We believe that caring for our inner lives makes us more effective in the world, and, simultaneously, being passionately engaged in the world nourishes us inside. Read our full mission >

New features:

Find Your Confidence and Be Bold - Excerpt from "Wake Up to the Joy of You" by Agapi Stassinopoulos

The Butterfly Duty: Mapping Our Way to Unity (Spiritual Activism column) by Carla Goldstein

Our Inner Lives: Spirit, Faith & Action Videos

No One Teaches Us How to Be Daughters (I Speak for Myself series) by aja monet

Bozos on the Bus - An Excerpt from "Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow" By Elizabeth Lesser

Excerpt from "WomanCode" by Alisa Vitti

Excerpt from "REVEAL: A Sacred Manual for Getting Spiritually Naked") by Meggan Watterson

Job vs. Calling (an Excerpt from 'The Law of Divine Compensation') by Marianne Williamson

How to Live a Miraculous Life by Gabrielle Bernstein

Excerpt from "Mama Glow" by Latham Thomas

Fierce, Faithful and Free by Linda Kay Klein

Real Happiness and Meditation by Sharon Salzberg

The Writings on the Wall by Maytha Alhassen

A Language for Movement Building: Multifaith Women's Perspectives by Lisa Anderson

Goldie Hawn Talks 'MindUP' and Her Mission to Bring Children Happiness by Marianne Schnall

Photos by Jennifer Esperanza, Sony Shoptaugh, The Global Fund for Women, Turning Point twitter


Inspiration & Practice
Exercises, meditations, inspiring quotes, prayers and contemplative practices including the exclusive columns Real Happiness and Meditation by Sharon Salzberg, The Spiritual Adventure by Elizabeth Lesser, The Transformative Power of Words by Kim Rosen, and Circle Of Compassion by Gail Straub. GO >

Exclusive interviews, book excerpts, and articles, including an Excerpt from Faith & Feminism: A Holy Alliance by Helen LaKelly Hunt, and the series Reveal Your Soul by Meggan Watterson and Spiritual Activism by Carla Goldstein, Omega Institute.GO >

Ask Our Team
Questions on topics related to spirituality, religion, and feminism answered by members of our panel. Current Q&As: Can you be a feminist and religious? and How can I challenge gender bias in religious institutions? GO >

This is just a tiny slice of the women who have inspired our inner lives. Feel free to tell us about other women of faith who have influenced you. GO >




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