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Chung Hyun Kyung (c. 1955- )

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“I think in order to really heal the world we need the ‘wisdom of darkness’. This can be the Third World, dark people, women or our shadows…all the things we do not want to confront within ourselves, so we project them onto others and call them terrorists.”

Chung Hyun Kyung is a Korean Christian theologian and an Associate Professor at Union Theological Seminary in the U.S.

In 1990 she introduced Asian women’s theology in her book Struggle to be the Sun Again. She interprets the Gospel in it as a Korean woman saying she’s in search of what it means to struggle for wholeness and interpreting her people’s historical fight for freedom.

In 1991 she spoke at a World Council of Churches gathering and was accused of syncretism, combining Christian teachings with elements of other traditions. Her retort included a challenge to Western values imposed on the Third World. Her research and teachings include feminist theologies and spiritualities from Asia, Africa and Latin America, Christian-Buddhist dialogue, revolutionary social change as well as the history of various Asian Christian theologies.





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