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Spiritual Activism
An Ongoing Series by Carla Goldstein, co-founder Omega Women's Leadership Center

Our new column, Spiritual Activism, examines a growing approach to social justice activism – one that provides a holistic, relationship-based framework for working for change. Each of the next 10 columns will be an exploration of one of the 10 emerging principles of spiritual activism articulated in the first column, Co-creating the World We Seek.

Introduction to the Ten Principles:
Co-creating the World We Seek

The Ten Principles:
1. Taking Heart to Make Change

2. Seeing the Ties That Bind Us

3. Transforming the Nature of Power

4. Building the Empathy Superhighway

5. Activism in the Now

6. Activism from the Heart of Paradox

7. Balance Beyond the Pie Chart

8. Open to Suffering: Feeling Fear

9. Beyond Proximate Cause




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