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Mission Statement
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Our Inner Lives seeks to be a space for the unified expression of women’s inner and outer lives. Some of us are happy to shout our feminist principles of social and cultural empowerment from the rooftops, but we hush up when it comes to discussions around the role faith plays in our lives behind closed doors. Others of us wear our faith or our religious practice on our sleeves (for some - like clergy - literally!), but don’t discuss our deep internal commitment to women’s full equality in all sectors of life and society.

Our Inner Lives honors women’s inner lives of faith, religious practice, spiritual transformation and commitment to causes greater than ourselves. We believe that caring for our inner lives makes us more effective in the world, and, simultaneously, being passionately engaged in the world nourishes us inside.

From the seeker dipping in her toe, to the believer drenched in the divine, we invite you to come to Our Inner Lives to be inspired, recognized, educated, supported and challenged. We approach all women’s attempts to transform their lives through sincere inner work as exciting and valid. As such, we are committed to creating a space that represents as many women as possible—women who embody a diversity of religious, faith and spiritual identities as well as those women with an unnamed hunger, longing, or confusion. Together, we translate our compassion into tangible paths to positive change in the world, recognizing our interdependence with each other and the earth.






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