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Riane Eisler

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Riane Eisler, Ph.D., J.D., a social scientist, attorney, and social activist, is best known as the author of the international best-seller The Chalice and The Blade , now available in 22 languages. Cofounder of the Spiritual Alliance to Stop Intimate Violence and president of the Center for Partnership Studies, her pioneering work in human rights has expanded the focus of international organizations to include the rights of women and children. Her latest book, The Real Wealth of Nations, is hailed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu as "a template for the better world we have been so urgently seeking." www.partnershipway.org

We can’t talk about empowerment of women and justice in the world without talking about the economic system.

The real wealth of nations isn’t financial – it constitutes the contributions of people and of nature...we need an economic system that gives value to the work of caring and caring for our Mother Earth.

We have a very distorted system of values in which anything that is stereotypically associated with women and the "feminine" is given less value than anything associated with the stereotypically "masculine". And this has nothing to do with anything in terms of women and men – I happen to be married to a very caring man, and some women are not caring. We are talking about a system of values that drives economics.

Caring pays in dollars and cents.

This is not going to happen. But people – if we don’t take leadership, somebody else will. And we’re not going to like the direction are we. So I challenge you – be who you are. Be leaders.

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