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Kerry Washington

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Kerry Washington starred in the critically acclaimed film The Last King of Scotland and won the Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture award for Ray at the NAACP Image Awards in 2005. Washington serves on the board of directors for The Creative Coalition, a group dedicated to raising awareness of First Amendment rights and supporting the arts in education. She also is a member of the V-Counsel, a group of advisors to V-Day, the global movement to end violence against women and girls.

I am a woman, so how could I not be involved with being a woman. I think every step I take in the world is a movement for women.

So when we sit in dark movie theaters or we go to see theatrical plays or we turn on our television, this is now where we are telling the stories of who we are, and who’ve been and who we want to be – and that’s why we take it very seriously as representatives of the media to go “what is my place in this oral tradition?”, and do I want to just be the disassociated wife and perpetuate this idea that I can’t be a thinking, powerful, emotional, sensitive person, and if I am going to play that person, am I going to show how unfortunate it is, or I am just going to let it be glamorous.

It’s really scary when young children speak who they are. And that’s why we all have to do the work personally to allow that space. We really do. We do that work personally by coming together and having a group of women who can say, “Oh my gosh, my five-year-old-knows what he wants” and to know that we’re not alone in supporting that space.

Interview with Kerry Washington

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