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Elizabeth Lesser

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As cofounder and senior advisor of Omega Institute, Elizabeth Lesser has studied and worked with leading figures in the field of healing — healing self and society — for 30 years. Since 2002, She and Eve Ensler have spearheaded Omega’s and V-Day’s Women and Power conferences, Offering electrifying dialogues between women activists, artists, and those in leadership positions around the world. Former midwife and birth educator, Lesser has taught workshops on emotional intelligence, meditation, women’s issues, and death and dying. She is the author of The Seeker’s Guide and Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow. www.eomega.org

Aung San Suu Kyi, who is under house arrest now in Burma, says, "There is an age-old prejudice the world over, that women talk too much. But is this really weakness? Could it not in fact be the strength the world needs?" ... I hope you'll take it as motivation to speak up, to speak out for peace.

So when you go home, and you say, “Oh, no, I’m not going to win a Nobel Peace Prize.” I want you to think more about going home and being an incredible mother or father, I want you to go home and think and think about going to work tomorrow and bringing some of this spirit into the workplace. Becoming an activist in any way that you want.

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