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A Tale of Two Sisters
By Rachel P. Goldstein & Najeeba Syeed-Miller

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A Tale of Two Sisters explains the relationship of a Muslim woman, Najeeba Syeed-Miller and a Jewish woman, Rachel P. Goldstein, who were brought together by fate. They met at the DOT•2•DOT summit, which brought together young leaders (22-35), from diverse industries and backgrounds to create change in America.Together, Rachel and Najeeba will share their spiritual perspective on how people can help humanity.

rachel p. goldstein     rachel p. goldstein

Flipping Pancakes
Sometimes I wonder how my thought pattern works exactly. Do others think the way I do? Is it natural to be as positive as I have always been in new and uncharted waters? For the most part, I look at life, especially the past few years, as an opportunity for me to do more and to do better than I did the day before. For me, life is the chance to enrich someone else's. It is passion that led to me to this thankful place, a place where I now have professional footing and personal fulfillment... Read full post>

On Forgiveness & Faith
I am sitting in my office, thinking of yesterday, which was Mr. Nelson Mandela’s birthday. He is a man. One that chose in the end forgiveness instead of infliction of pain. Forgiveness sets free the soul to be released from fear. “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” (Mandela)... Read full post>

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About Rachel:
Rachel P. Goldstein has 20 years of experience in the non-profit, film, music, political, and wellness industries. A connection to event production and a passion for social progress led Rachel to found a full-service firm, Agent of Change. With an emphasis on cause-related events and projects, Rachel's AOC fuses her creative sensibilities with the client's concrete goal. Capitalizing on her "native New Yorker" sensibility, Rachel strengthens the thread between professional achievement and social consciousness. Rachel's past positions included Director of Program Development at Donna Karan's Urban Zen Foundation, Vice President of Entertainment at Goldstein Communications, Film/TV Producer for Academy Award-winning filmmakers Barbara Kopple and Alex Gibney, and Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker Marc Levin.

Follow Rachel on Facebook and on Twitter @rachgoldstein

About Najeeba:
Najeeba Syeed-Miller is a professor of interreligious education at Claremont School of Theology. She is a lifetime peacemaker who has received numerous awards for her work in interracial, gang and interfaith conflicts. The principle by which she lives her life is to save lives. Her conflict resolution experience has made her a sought after trainer for those who work on conflicts in India, Latin America, Guam, and most recently in Israel and Palestine. Her model of intervention is to build the capacity of those closest to the conflict. In particular her research and community activist efforts have focused on the role of women as agents of peacemaking. She is the mother of two children (a boy and a girl) and is working on a book about reimagining the role of religion in peacebuilding.

Follow Najeeba on Facebook and on Twitter @najeebasyeed



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