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Envisioning a Gender Just World

The world stands at a critical juncture. The last year and a half has shaken our society and exposed critical intersecting inequities around race, gender, class, and other marginalized groups. We have a unique opportunity to build a new world, one that places gender equality and justice at its core. To do this, we have to dismantle the systems that have upheld and perpetuated inequality and commit to the hard work of shifting and relinquishing power with humility and intention.

This moment calls for bold visions and diverse voices. Feminist.com co-created the Envision Equality project in hopes of connecting with a diverse group of dreamers and doers to amplify their visions of a gender-just future through a series of articles at Forbes.com and a digital campaign around #EnvisionEquality. We believe that we can’t be what we don’t ENVISION.

We hope you'll share your vision with us.

The inspiration behind the Envision Equality campaign was created in collaboration with the Global Center for Gender Equality at Stanford University, Marianne Schnall (Journalist and Founder of Feminist.com), the ERA Coalition and Fund for Women’s Equality.

Envision Equality Articles

Envision Equality is a two-part series of articles in Forbes, in which we reached out to a diverse and esteemed set of activists, visionaries, policy makers, academics, and other thought leaders cutting across sectors and industries and asked them to share their visions of what a gender-just world would look and feel like, and share what gives them hope and inspiration on the road to achieving it.

Envision Equality Events


Join Envision Equality on April 25th for a virtual roundtable with inspiring activists V (formerly Eve Ensler), Tony award-winning playwright, author and founder of V-Day and One Billion Rising, and Jamia Wilson, award-winning author, social impact strategist, and Executive Editor of Random House, for our next free virtual event. V and Jamia will join journalist Marianne Schnall in a dynamic virtual fireside chat about what a truly inclusive and equitable world looks like and the actions we can take to achieve it, as well as cover a broad range of issues from ending gender based violence, intersectionality, the future of feminism, the role of art and media in changing culture and activism and more. Singer, filmmaker and activist Taina Asili will perform "We Are Rising," the powerful anthem she created for One Billion Rising. Find out more and RVSP here. THIS EVENT HAS PASSED - VIDEO COMING SOON!

V Jamia Wilson


Envision Equality, in collaboration with the Maverick Collective by PSI, was honored to host inspiring visionary Anita Hill for the first in our virtual interactive event series. Anita joined journalist and Feminist.com founder Marianne Schnall in a virtual fireside chat about the timely themes in Hill’s new book Believing, as well as how we can envision and create a gender just future. Remarks were also made by event co-hosts Sarah Henry, Carol Jenkins and Mona Sinha.

Watch the video here.