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New Feature! Envision Equality: The Envision Equality project hopes to amplify visions and catalyze action to create a gender-just future. We reached out to a diverse and esteemed set of activists, visionaries, policy makers, academics, and other thought leaders cutting across sectors and industries to share their insights and calls to action through a series of articles in and a digital campaign around #EnvisionEquality. We believe that we can’t be what we don’t ENVISION. We hope you’ll share your vision with us. Learn more.

New Feature! COVID Gendered: An online platform and newsletter aggregating articles and resources about how this crisis is affecting women and girls around the world.

Now's Our Chance: After a Tumultuous 2020, Women Leaders Share 8 Ways to Rebuild a Better World by Marianne Schnall

19 Powerful Women On Why Voting Is So Important by Marianne Schnall

When Black Women Lead, We All Win: 10 Inspiring Leaders Show Us The Way by Marianne Schnall and Tolu Lawrence

‘These Extraordinary Times Call For Extraordinary Giving’: 12 Leaders In Women’s Philanthropy Speak Out by Marianne Schnall

COVID Gendered: Ten Prominent Women Spotlight The Need For Women’s Leadership During The Pandemic And Beyond by Marianne Schnall

COVID Gendered: Putting a Gender Lens on COVID-19: Thought Leaders Weigh In by Marianne Schnall


The Truth About the Sex Trade: Vulnerabilities Leading to "the Life" by Marianne Schnall (part of an ongoing series in collaboration with Women's eNews)

News Stories from the Women's Media Center

Women soccer players demand equity by Geneva Abdul (Women's Media Center)

New Coalition Aims to Elect More Women by Marianne Schnall (Women's Media Center)

Transforming the Women’s March into political power by Marianne Schnall (Women's Media Center)

Trump is remaking the federal judiciary in his own image, and it’s very white, very Republican, and very male by Rebecca McCray (Women's Media Center)

Women in economics expose sexism in the field, demand action by Bryce Covert (Women's Media Center)

Why we need to rein in the tech monopolies by Robin Morgan (Women's Media Center)

Women's Media Awards honor Hillary Rodham Clinton, April Ryan, Maria Hinojosa, and other media trailblazers by Marianne Schnall (Women's Media Center)

#WhyIMarch by Linda Sarsour (Women's Media Center)

The UN’s Concrete Ceiling by Shazia Z. Rafi (Women's Media Center)

Where Voters Saw Most Sexist Treatment of Women Candidates in Media (Women's Media Center)

Gwen Ifill - A Role Model for the Next Generation of Women and Media By Marianne Schnall

Activist Men React to 'Locker Room Talk' By Marianne Schnall

Women Put “Climate Change Ground Zero” in the Picture By Anuradha Sengupta (Women's Media Center)

Syrian Girls Say Building Minds Will Help Build Futures By Fiona Duggan (Women's Media Center)

Experiencing Racial Bias In Preschool By Chloe H. (Women's Media Center/ FBomb)

African-American History Museum Does Justice to Women By Yanick Rice Lamb (Women's Media Center)

Spotlight on Change Makers at the Women’s Media Awards By Marianne Schnall (Women's Media Center)

More Exclusive News Stories from the Women's Media Center

The Invisible Majority: Women & the Media A column provided by the Women's Media Center

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