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From Gloria Steinem
"Changing the world for the better takes passion, dedication, information, resources, timeliness and mutual support. Today's activists need to access all that faster than ever before, so Feminist.com puts it at our fingertips."

"Thank you for being a pioneer - when nobody else was understanding that feminist could have a dot com!" (from interview with Feminist.com founder Marianne Schnall)

"Thank you to the folks who put dot com in feminist ." (from Gloria's full comments at Feminist.com's 15 year anniversary event speech)

From Amy Poehler
"I just want to to take this moment to plug your website Feminist.com because I love it and I have loved it for a very long time."- (in AOL Build interview with Feminist.com founder Marianne Schnall)

From Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda, Executive Director, World YWCA
"We have the power to change the narrative...and the narrative is to be a feminist narrative: promoting women’s rights, protecting women's rights, investing in intergenerational dialogue and investing in enabling us to be who we are - because we are the world and we are global citizens." (at Feminist.com's Women & Peace FemSalon)

From Helen Cordes, Author
As an author writing two books on girls' issues, I discovered a goldmine through Feminist.com. My classified ad asking that girls email for a questionnaire brought me a wealth and diversity of responses from girls and people who care about girls that greatly enriched my reporting. For my book exploring body issues (part of the "Girl Power" series written for girls ages 9-14, forthcoming from Lerner Publications, Spring 1999), girls shared amazing insights and details about their struggles to feel good about their looks and bodies in a culture that insists that being thin and beautiful is the most important thing a girl/woman can strive for. For my second Girl Power book looking at how girls can do their best in the classroom, responses came not only from a variety of girls from homeschoolers to all-girl-schoolers to dropouts, but from girl advocates ranging from Girl Scout leaders to male middle school science teachers.
Responses from my Feminist.com classified were incredibly useful, but they also illustrate that is attracting a wide audience for its motherlode of resources and modes for activism. I believe that many girls who responded to me became an activist in that simple act: some said that whether or not I used their quotes in my books, they felt they had learned important things about themselves just by thinking about and answering my questions. Online activism works! Thanks, Feminist.com !

From Debra Rymer, Fort Nelson Women's Resource Society
The research project is over now, but I want you to know that we got more response from the ad at Feminist.com than any other form of advertising. We played an ad on the local radio, and placed advertising in the newspaper and our own newsletter. Additionally, we posted flyers in three towns. Next to Word of Mouth, the classified ad at Feminist.com got us the most attention. Thanks for the opportunity!

From Linda Hogan, President, Wild Women Enterprises
It is a lot harder getting noticed on the Internet than most people think. Being listed on search engines is necessary, but I've found the most effective way of reaching our customers is to be connected to Feminist.com. It's a site that we're proud to be a part of. Keep up the good work.

From Debra Baker Beck, Communication Committee chairperson,
National Women's Studies Association

Feminist.com is a lifeline that allowed the National Women's Studies Association to establish a presence on the World Wide Web. Coordinating NWSA's communication activities presents many challenges: its members and target audiences are nationwide, its potential impact is global, its budget is minuscule -- and it's powered by volunteers. Feminist.comallowed us to enter the "information superhighway" and reach a worldwide audience when it otherwise would not have been possible for us.

Feminist.com is a priceless resource of feminist news and networking, a boon to the movement and those who toil within it. We are truly grateful for the support Feminist.com has given our organization, and for the opportunities that having a web presence has opened up for us.

From R.A.I.N.N. (The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)
Feminist.com's support of the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network has been tremendously valuable for sexual assault survivors across America. By hosting and linking to RAINN's web site, Feminist.com has helped us to reach thousands of survivors who are suffering in silence to let them know that hope is only a phone call away. Founded in 1994 with the help of singer Tori Amos, RAINN's hotline - the only national sexual assault hotline - has already helped nearly 200,000 survivors. We are grateful for the assistance of Feminist.com, one of RAINN's earliest supporters, in raising awareness of the hotline. Feminist.com is among a growing list of RAINN sponsors that include Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, Calvin Klein, Inc., Lifetime and WNNX-99X/Atlanta.

From Third Wave
Third Wave's constituency is mostly young women, who are scattered across the United States in small communities and big cities. To reach our members and keep them up-to-date on our activities, we rely on many means of communication and the Internet is quickly topping that list. Thanks to the generosity of Feminist.com for housing Third Wave, we have been able to create a community of young women on the worldwide web and to network and mobilize this community. This generosity has also meant that Third Wave can keep our expenses down by not having to add this expense to our existing ones. This relationship has also meant that we are a part of instant coalition building. Taken together, we are building a social justice movement on the World Wide Web.

From Verna S. Cook, Executive Director, Black Women in Sisterhood for Action (BISA)
Feminist.com has been a tremendous support. Many persons continue to contact BISA for information. We have increased our membership with persons in New York, Mississippi, Tennessee, and New Jersey. Our page [on Feminist.com] has sparked a lot of interest in our work. We get many requests for scholarship support, advice on women's issues, and free literature. Thanks for your support. BISA is grateful for your sharing of your resources with us.

From Dr. Sally Caldwell, Author and Researcher
It goes without saying that your site has been (and continues to be) instrumental in my Romantic Deception research. There is no other way that I could have reached such a wide audience. I knew that a traditional approach wouldn't work. Besides costing me thousands of dollars, a traditional survey would have coughed up little more than a mound of stale responses to a highly structured questionnaire.
From the beginning, my goal was to find rich data --- highly personal accounts from women who had been targets of Romantic Deception. I gave the Web a pretty thorough search before locating Feminist.com. Placing an ad [onFeminist.com] was the best decision I made since I began the project. Thanks to the Feminist.com site, I now have rich data.
I should also tell you that your site visitors are a pretty diverse bunch. You name a characteristic; it's probably represented by one or more respondents who contacted me through your site. I can honestly say I owe you big time.

From Monica St. Marie, Recycled Trash Company
Before Feminist.com, we had no www exposure, but as soon as we were at the site, we were getting a few catalog requests a day - and soon orders. Feminist.com has by far been the most hassle free advertising and generated the greatest response. This is obviously a great value - especially compared to print advertising.

From Ceel Pasternak and Linda Thornburg, Founders of It's A Living Newsletter
For our newsletter It's a Living!, Career News for Girls, being part of Feminist.com had many benefits. Two major ones: We got connected with people we wanted to reach. They read our information then easily contacted us. These contacts often led to others because some individuals represented groups interested in helping girls. Also, we used the site as an easy reference. For people who wanted to see a sample of our work, we suggested they check us out on line. Many did so and then placed an order.

From Diane Tait, DeeMar Communications
I just wanted to say that since I've been linked with your site, that my responses and emails have risen dramatically!!!! Thank you for all the hard work you do....keep up the great work...

From Sherry Beth Sacks, Program Assistant, MADRE
I, like many others, have been searching for meaningful work in women's organization's since moving to NYC 2 years ago. With a B.A. in women's studies I found my search very challenging; quite honestly, totally frustrating. One afternoon, while temping at some horrific office, I looked online for anything related to feminist work in NYC. I found your website through a link and saw the classified section. MADRE, the international women's human rights organization had a job posting that I responded to at once. So the story goes..... I am here working with MADRE. Working here at MADRE is in absolute honor as well as enrichining and inspiring. Thank you.

From Ellen Kyriacou, National Women's Political Caucus
At a time when our staff was just beginning to use email,Feminist.com offered to put us on the web and help us keep our page updated. Feminist.com helped the NWPC enter the age of technology with ease and grace. Our web site has directed many interested individuals to our organization - including several awesome interns! Currently, we are transferring to our own domain. We never would have made it here if it were not for Feminist.com.
From Michele Leber, Chair, National Committee on Pay Equity
The National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE), founded in 1979, is a national membership coalition working to eliminate sex- and race-based wage discrimination and to achieve pay equity. Feminist.com, on a pro-bono basis, maintained NCPE's web site for years. Without Feminist.com, NCPE - especially when it was restructured as an all-volunteer organization - could not have gotten out its message and materials. It has been a pleasure to work with people who not only have the necessary technical knowledge to produce a high-quality product but also are committed to NCPE's issue and goal.

From Jaymi Heimbuch, Editor, Girlistic Magazine
Feminist.com is a fantastic resource for our business. Girlistic.com's listing in Feminist.com's women-owned business directory connects us with our target audience, bringing our site lots of traffic and great networking opportunities with other feminist businesses. Becoming a member of Feminist.com was a smart business decision.


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