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It is about time there was a site like this! The exceeding amount of links on this site is pleasantly surprising! I found organizations and sites I never even knew existed. Most of all though, I am very glad to see that there are so many women, despite cultural, ethnic, and religious affiliations, contributing to the advancement and betterment of our gender! Keep up the GREAT work! I will always have Feminist.com on my favorites list!

I was referred to this site by a friend of mine who used to work as an intern for Gloria Steinem. I was raised by liberal feminists and always wanted to become involved in activism, but I was always too young. Then I thought that as a man, I had no right to be concerned about feminism. Now I know better. Thank you for putting such valid information on the Internet. This really is a great site.
Best Wishes and Much Thanks,
John Bitondo

Hello, I just had to let you know that I am really impressed with the website. I am a 28 year old wife, mother of two, daughter, ex-wife and corporate career woman who needed a feminist support system and I think I have found a safe haven to sit down at my computer and not feel so all alone. I have been browsing for about an hour and can't wait to go back in and read on.
Thank You,
Kristen Lahteine-stepalavich,
Cranston, RI

Hey, I've been looking over your website and just wanted to say thank you for all the work your doing increating awareness about sexual abuse and rape.Living in southern Africa means living with violence and fear on a daily basis, acts of violence againstwomen being reinforced by a culture of violence stemming from generations of oppression, struggleand civil war as well as patriarchal tribal rule. Women are the property, very literally, of men in many of the sub-cultures, justifying the urban myththat the rape of a virgin cures AIDS (encouraged by South African President Thabo Mbekis claiming thatHIV does not cause AIDS and that tribal law should be adhered to.) It is just very comforting to know that there are women all over the world struggling with similiarissues, and it brings hope that we can end the madness.
Hey! I'm only 14 but I totally support what ya'll are doing here. And I thank you for having the guts to stand up for women's rights. I was just wondering if there is anything I could do to help, I know I'm young but I would really like to help somehow! And I wanted to show my gratitude for all your efforts to help women all over the world! Well, I have to go but please send me any information that you can about helping!
Sincerely, Jennie Hawthorne

I wanted to share a quick thank you for your site Feminist.com. I have been wondering about the definition of feminism and other related items. Your site is well thought and laid out. I thoroughly enjoyed the "Ask Amy" section and found answers to questions I've had for years. I intend to continue exploring your site and enjoying the information provided.

Thank you again.
Anikka Green
Maryland, USA

Subject: WOW!

Hi! I found your website yesterday. Finding it, literally brought tears of joy to my eyes. Here I was sitting at my desk, in my own world, and up pops (ok, with some prompting from me) this website that not only is visually beautiful, but lists its categories, as if they were my own personal categories. I feel as if I have a place to go for (almost) all of my personal resources.

I am a feminist, although currently not 'active' in any overt activism. I have encountered in life what many other women have, good and bad, and am at the tail-end of picking up the pieces from the 'not so good'. Please let me know if and what ways you know that I could be active with a somewhat hectic (but temporary) lifestyle.

Thanx for being so bold about something so beautiful!!!!

Jen Berger

Re: Love your site!

I think your website is wonderful, and very necessary. As a woman, I would like to thank you for putting this site on the web for all women, men, and impressionable children to read. Thank you again. Great work, and it is very informative.


Dear Feminist.com
Yes, there is a cyber goddess and she led me to your site. I am a rural feminist who has been feeling quite isolated, but now I feel at home. You seem to have everything I've been looking for on one page.
Thank-you :)

I happened upon your site, and I'd just like to say, as a male, that I support it wholeheartedly, and I will be speaking of it to my friends, as a place for information and support. Sorry, but I felt I had to say that. Keep up the good work.
- Legolas

My name is Angela Weaver. I am a college junior majoring in elementary education and am doing a project on the beauty myth for my Lifespan and Development class. I found your web site very informative, well displayed and thought provoking. I just wanted to thank you all for your wonderful website. If you have the time and can think of any thing else you could share with me, please e-mail me and I will be sure to use your information in my project and share your great website with my class and the strong, beautiful, independent women in there as well as in my personal life.
Sincerely, Angela Weaver

My name is Rachael Anderson and I am currently a senior at Boston College. I just wanted to e-mail you and let you know how much I learned and will continue to learn now that I have found your site. I am currently taking an Intro. to Feminisms course, and was told about www.feminist.com. This week we had the opportunity to write a few different activist letters to government officials to benefit women, and our regular journal would be a shorter length. Along with doing that and using your source for the information I just wanted to let you know how quick, easy, understandable, and informative I found your website to be. Keep up the good work.
Sincerely, Rachael Anderson

Dear Sisters at Feminist.com,
Congratulations on a great web site. I am a new computer user and finding you was like coming home. Continued success. - Etta Breit

Just want to tell you that about once a month my fiancee and I love to check out what is new on your web pages. We are both graduate students in the psychology department at the University of Iowa. And we love Amy! Thanks for being so supportive of my fiancee's beliefs!
With Regards, Eric M.

I think that whomever thought of females being on line together, it was a great idea!!! Many women need to learn how to use technology because of its rise in society. I just wanted to compliment this group. CONGRATULATIONS!! And thank you. - Garrett Gholston, students at Bowling Green State University
Dear Fellow Feminist,
I have been faithfully emailing all my representatives using info from the Washington Feminist Faxnet that you provide on your world wide web site Feminist.com. Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource!
Lara Sutherland

Subj: Nice Web Site
Just wanted to drop you a line and say what a wonderful site you have.
Have a great day!
Alan Henderson
Women's Health Weekly

Thank you so much for including us on your page while we were building our site. We have linked to your site from our Get Smart hotlinks page. I look forward to finding ways to continue to promote each others sites and make our mark on the Web!
Thanks again,
Laura Deutsch
Hollywood Women's Political Committee

Subj: Wow!
Got your url from a posting on the abigails-l list and came over to get something more on the "THOUSANDS FOR SPIRO...." article. What a pleasant surprise when I "arrived." I have bookmarked you and will return regularly. Thanks for putting up such a helpful and interesting page on the Web.
- Shirley Ragsdale

Subj: My Thanks
You cannot imagine how pleased I was to find a feminist site that did not reflect the current air of apologetic feminism. My family and I are most appreciative of your fine effort and will continue to use feminist.com as long as it is accessible from my site.
Please accept my most sincere congratulations on a job well done.
- Phil Latona

Your site is great! Thanks for all of the updates and the warnings. It is sometimes difficult to weave our way through rhetoric to find out what's really going on. You help pull our attention to important matters and give us a direct line (via email and other numbers) to voice our own concerns.
- Pam La Born, University of Arkansas

I do appreciate the web site you are building .. women do need resources and education so they can regain self empowerment. We've been too long in societies (forever) that allowed abuse and negation of our feminine power. And I have had this experience. The men too need it .. so they will realize it's not a power to fear .. rather one to cherish. Oh well .. those are my two cents.
Thanks and take care,
Ancient Healing Art

Subj: beautiful web site
The site is gorgeous. Love the purple tree. My article looks wonderful, so poetically laid out. I feel thrilled to be a part of this network. I can't wait to spend time at your site. Thanks for including me.
Best Wishes,
Eve Ensler

Subj: Thank You!
Geez, great to see your home page! I'll be back for sure, to take a stroll through all your goodies. Does my heart good to see women empowering themselves. Keep up the good work!!
- Kathleen Maguire

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I am inspired. It's nice to know there are women like you all out there.
- Jennifer Powell

Great web site! Although a male, I am committed to the ideology of flexible and converging sex roles.
Thank you!
- Jeffrey S. Szymanski

Subj: a wave
I should be at work however I found your site and felt compelled to discover more. I will be back. It is fantastic to sit here in Geelong Australia and be able to reach out and reach in to find heart and direction.
- Margaret Robinson Sabath

I am so happy to have found you! If you have a group mail of any kind -- please add me. I am the Executive Chair of the City of San Diego Women Employees Association and would love to pass on information to my contacts in other organizations and to our membership. Your site is great ... just amazing. Keep up the great work!!
- Debra Terry

I just found your site and I thought I would break out in tears! I have been all over the net looking for employment/career possibilities and have been entirely discouraged. One large reason is because I have no "field" or discipline. However, I just received my Masters in Gender Studies and Feminist Theory from the New School for Social Research in Manhattan and am ELATED to have found your classified section! Thank you so much for your site. I will make sure everyone knows about it! (I have no job but lots of friends!)
- Heather Sibley

I support your endeavors and I encourage all women to take an active interest in the issues which affect us daily. I do it for my mother, daughters, and the future we all look forward to.
- Randy & Michelle Stevens

I was very impressed with your page. I learned a lot and I bookmarked it so when I have a little more time I can go through it all.
- Tim

This is just a quick note to congratulate you on a wonderful web site. I am a junior at Northern Valley High School in Old Tappan, New Jersey and as an active member of our Women's Issues Club, which is just getting off the ground, I am trying to establish an on-line website. Thanks for the inspiration.
- Sarah

Thanks for a great site with tons of fabulously informative pages. I coordinate a Women's Resource Center on a community college campus. Your site has given me some great ideas for activities we can sponsor this year, like - Pay Equity Petition Drive and Awareness Day. I look forward to returning to your site again and again. As well as the opportunity to tell women students, staff, and faculty about this great resource. Keep up the good fight.
- Deborah Evind
Women's Resource Center, Portland Community College

Subject: Your wonderful site
I have immediately bookmarked your wonderful site and intend to come back to it again and again! I particularly appreciate the inclusion of literary quotes from women, as they are hard to come by even if one looks hard for them (which is how I found your site, actually). :-)
Sincerely, Heather Pender

I've just discovered your web page, and as feminisim is one of my "hobbies", I just wanted to say to you, "Hello, you've got a new friend."
- Susana (Spain)

Just finished looking over the rest of your terrific website and had to stop back and say thank you! I had *no idea* how much women-oriented info there was on the Internet. I can hardly wait to check it all out!! Thank you for all your hard work that provides this tremendous info.
- Hugs, Rusty

Just had my first visit to your site, and I am so impressed. What a wealth of information. Thank you for being there!!
- Ingrid Young

Subject: The continuing success by women's acheivements
Well done to the lot of ye's, without your continuing pressure to set my male counterparts straight we would be committing a terrible crime of not recognizing women as equals to men mentally and not recognizing the minor difference in physical difference between us which was what started off this injustice. Thank you for all you've done to bringing about a new world for all to cherish.
- From an Irish lad in Dublin, Barry

Subject: Becoming an Angel
Please send me info about supporting your venture. I am most interested. Having cruised your page for the last hour or so, I am quite impressed and of one spirit with you. Thanks for your efforts. It is a real joy to see feminist anything on the Net.
Thanks, again. Ritalinda D'Andrea, Ph.D.

I want to sincerely thank you for the high quality web site. I stumbled upon it by doing a general Altavista search for Women's Health. I am living in the buckle of the bible belt in Springfield, MO and really trying to make a difference. (I own a massage therapy school and a natural health care type clinic.) It's difficult without local connections. Thank you so much for the resources. It will help me tremendously with the work I do here.
- Juliet Mee

I would not have found you had I not read about you last night in Ms. I actually attempted to find something about feminism on the Internet last night, but got a personal ad from a guy named Guy instead (I have no idea what happened). I became frustrated and turned the computer off, went to read the magazine and there you were. Thanks for being there. I'll be visiting you a lot.
Sincerely, Lorna

Subject: Your site
Here's just another Ms. reader who is very glad they told me about you! I am a human rights lawyer, and will put you in my "favorite places" immediately!
Thanks for being here. Lyn

Well what's this, I thought surfing one day... I've recently started taking baby steps into feminist work and literature, and coming across this site was the best help I could have gotten! Congratulations and much success!
- Amy Capolupo

Thanks for your site!! I found it via Ms Magazine. It's such a relief to find good, feminist, activist content on the web. Hurrah!
- Jackie

Subject: Regards from a Colombian feminist friend
Hi, I am very glad to know you through a feminist page. It is empowerment for global sisterhood.
- Ofelia Gomez

Subject: Hello from Italy
Tonight I saw your beautiful site for the first time. Congratulations, I appreciated it very much!
Good night from Roma, Silvia

Thanx, thanx for your fine efforts in developing and promoting your web site. Your educating, informing, providing of networking opportunity, activating etc. etc., for women's causes and issues and then men who support those issues warms my heart. Kindred souls. Thank you! Thank you!!!
I only learned about you a few days ago from a sr. woman Oberlin College student and couldn't be more pleased. I haven't explored all of your site yet so I know the best is yet to come. To all of you who participate to make the successful site, congratulations and continue your fine work.
- Renee Lipson

I just wanted to say that I've bookmarked your site, and I will be checking in on it frequently. I find it very invigorating and filled with useful information. Way to go girls!!!
From, Charlene

Subject: What a GREAT site!
I love it. I will be back. Just thought I'd let you know.
From, Michie

Great Web Site. For a change, I've found some more substantial information about women, their work and their issues, beyond how to be a better shopper!!!! Thanks.
- Sandra

I'm a first time viewer and I really think this is an amazing resource. I found you by doing research for some work I am doing with two other women. We're in Dallas, TX and we are working together to create a foundation and Web page for Women in the 21st Century. Feminist.com is so much about what we are up to. It's really exciting to find you.
- Vicki

Wow, what a source, information and a feeling of support for feminists. Keep up the good work with this site and remember how important feminist work is.
- Kathleen Schuster

This is my first day of "surfing the 'net" and I am very happy to see that feminist news and links are so easy to access. Keep it up!
From, Sarah Starrett

Kudos to all of you who work so hard to provide this wonderful resource! I am in the process of planning a workshop which will be held at George Mason University (Fairfax, Va.) in February on feminist activism, and I will most definitely be singing your praises and passing on your address to those who attend. Please keep up the fabulous work. I am thrilled to have found your site.
Very sincerely, Katey Schlank

Subject: New User
Just wanted to say thanks for such informative and empowering info at Feminist.com! Since graduating I have felt quite left out of the feminist community. It was great to find a comfort zone one the web - something that is becoming more and more important to like minded women.
Thanks again,
Sarah Lockey
New Zealand

Hi, You were mentioned in the Mon, Feb 16 issue of the Chicago Tribune Business Technology section. After reading that, I visited your site and was quite pleased with what I saw. I do plan to return, as I did not have enough time today to visit all the places in your site that I wanted to see.
-Colleen D. Valentine

As countless others before me, let me also offer congratulations on your excellent web site. May you have long and continued success. I, for one, will visit you often.
Thanks again. - Diana Orchard

I find what you do is very interesting, and I am glad you have this site to help me learn more. Women are getting more and more rights because of feminists. I may be only 14 yrs old, but I understand the concepts. Thanks for the site!
I research web sites for a living and thought your site to be extremely resouceful, informative and with some issues, a real eye opener on global issues concerning women. You even had me emailing the President on a couple of issues! Just wanted to say that your research into these sometimes shocking issues, is professional and helpful and encouraging. I have printed off some of your facts regarding Gambian female circumcism and shall be forwarding my comments onto the Managing Director of GAMTEL asking for a change. Keep up the excellent work, your site has been one of the top female sites that I have come across so far.
- Caroline Webster

Just wanted to commend you on an excellent site! I'm a university student, and avid feminist and this is the best feminist page I've seen so far, keep up the good work!
Thanks, Lynsey Dale

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your website. I'm glad that you pointed out that feminism is about establishing equality with men, not man-hating. Anyway, I love your outrage of the month articles. I have discovered a coincidence lately between Newsweek and the Outrages of the Month. In the August 3 issue, Newsweek did an article on Afghanistan women. In the August 10 issue, Newsweek published an article about Utah child brides. Great work! It's nice to know that this group is not the only ones that notice these issues.

It's 1:00am and I just discovered this site. I am new to the Internet and this computer stuff and I am thrilled that I discovered you. I worked for the Women's Directorate in the Yukon Territories, Canada for 9 years, until I semi-retired in 95 and moved to the West Indies. I have been sorely missing my connections with women, and our related issues. Due to the many differences in culture, I have chosen not to become activly involved here in the Caribbean so I am looking forward to exploring your site in detail. Due to the hour, I only glanced down your first page and immediately sent your URL to two of my women friends in Canada and I can't wait until tomorrow.....
- Sandra Jackson

This is just a quick note to say that this is the first website that I've looked at that actually deserves all of the accolades it had received. This has been a GREAT resource for me and I have a link to it on my webpage.
Thanks VERY much!
- Erin K. Heppner-Elgin

I was just looking through some of your speeches and beliefs on certain issues, and became a "new-born" feminist. Although I am of the masculine gender, your purposes and resources influenced me to rise against the male society. I think that women deserve equal consideration in job interviews, positions in government, and in the sports arena; while fighting for the status in society as a whole. I am behind your cause and will fight on your behalf to get back for the hundreds of years of discrimination and oppression that we, males have caused.
This is a wonderful, informative resource for women everywhere. I've bookmarked it and I just wanted to thank-you.
- Katrina Lindsay

Hi, I was looking at some of your quotes and I thought they rocked! This is a great site! Keep up the good work.
- Bob Rocker

I just discovered your site tonight and it is fabulous! Thank-you. Especially appreciated the News Updates and plan to share during the San Jose NOW monthly meeting.
Thank you again.

Hi. Sasha here. Just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for the site. I'm living in Tokyo, Japan and am involved in women's issues on this side of the globe. Your site provides so much information!!! Sometimes I get depressed over here because there are a lot of barriers to overcome. Luckily I have a lot of female Japanese friends who are involved in feminist movements and who are willing to fight for what they want. My boyfriend is always complaining about my female connections and how easy it is for me to find information, jobs, people who are willing to help, so I think there is a good community over here. It's interesting to get to see new, different ways of approaching feminism. Thanks for your site.
- Sasha

Hello, this is my first time visiting this site .I just wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoy this site.I find it to be very informative.
Thank you for a wonderful web page.
- Wendy Garcia

Subject: Empowerment!
I was recently inspired to become a more active, aware, and proud feminist after completing a Masculinities course. A friend and I found Eve Ensler's book "The Vagina Monologues" in a bookstore and eagerly purchased one copy each. After reading her book in about 1 hour (including the Acknowledgements section), I was excited to get on the Internet and find Feminist.com. . . and I love it! I am not a big net surfer, but this is the most comprehensive webpage I've ever seen. . . there are links to everything imaginable that could possibly be related to women and issues about/for/supporting women. I can't believe I never realized the resources that are out there before. Thank you! It's good to know there are others out there who are enlightened and who CARE!
Keep it going!
- Hila Snyder

I'm a college student at Southern Methodist University, my major is political science, and I am writing a paper about women in politics. I hope to one day become an attorney that specializes in women's issues. I think that this site is wonderful, and it gives me hope for my generation and for the future. Women will have a voice! Thank You.
Subject: Wonderful
I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful and magical site this truly is.
- Tatyana Ring

As an assignment for my Womens Studies class, I was to visit your website. I didn't expect to like it so much. Feminist.com is so empowering! There are so many places online to visit that are women friendly. A pat on the back for that. Taking womens studies here at Miami University in Oxford Ohio has been my first experience with feminism. I love this class and because of it, I now call myself a feminist. Great job on the website, I have a feeling I will be frequenting it often. Have a great day!
Deanna Fuster:)

Thank you for developing the site www.feminist.com. I feel so strongly about being an advocate for the woman, after all I am a woman! Too bad not all women agree with what it will take to bring consciousness to the issues that we all face daily.

I have never thought of myself as a doormat. I have always, it seems to me, been conscious of inequality. I was born in 1960 and I don't ever remember a time that I was unaware of the injustice toward me, my mother and my 5 sisters. I thought that I could always recognize and label and avoid misogynists and chauvinists. Sadly and regrettably my story is not one of triumph for femininity. I married a misogynist who left me after finding an Asian bride through the Internet. I fell into my mother's role of doormat. I fell away from my own strength and integrity.

I am proud of the young women who stick to their goal of independence. I am proud to know that this site and its future will provide information to women and men alike about issues that restrain women. I have much hope for the future and I hope I can give my daughter the gift of uncompromised inner strength. I have read and seen and witnessed and felt enough abuse toward women in my life and I'm not going to take it any more. Again, thank you for providing awareness of issues and guidance tools to do something about the forces that demean and endanger the spirits and lives of women.
Domenica E. Bourus

Thank you so much for your site. I have a paper due on feminism and I've been having so much trouble looking for adequate sources from valid Internet sites. My teacher will be very pleased with my paper :)
-Stefanie Caponi, college student at Florida Atlantic University

Subject: Best regards from Bosnia

I have to express how deeply impressed I was when I discovered your site. Being a feminist myself and living and working in Bosnia I found it a precious source of information and also very inspiring. I work for a non-governmental organisation that deals with domestic violence-we have a helpline for women victims of violence, as well as for children. Women of Bosnia are very resistant to any idea of feminism, they have a very negative attitude towards the philosophy - this is greatly due to the misunderstanding of feminism, due to the lack of education of women, due to the strictly patriarchal family structure. I hope that my generation will accomplish something in changing the situation.The information you provide helps maintain the hope.

Best regards,

Iskra Tabakovic

I've just found your site and it was so refreshing and inspiring. I have many roles on a rape and incest crisis collective - one of which is the librarian and I hope to use much of the information on your site for women accessing our service. We are also in the midst of revising our facts on rape booklet and it has been difficult finding some information on fighting the backlash to feminism. Your site was a great help. Sometimes it's hard to be a radical feminist, but it's so great to find others.


Subject: Thank-you
Just want to say thanks for this great website! It really
helped me with my project on women's issues! it was
very informative!

-Susan Hutchinson

I am one proud woman who is happy to be a member of the Feminist.com group. Keep up gals and women and as one woman once said, "What we think is impossible now will not be impossible in a decade".

Regards, Millicent Richards from Uganda

Subject: Keep it Up
Hey everyone at Feminist.com,

I'm so glad I found your website. A friend told me about it and I've been back here over and over again. You're bookmarked and I'm spreading the word. Keep up all the good work. Your site is desperately needed.

- Sylvia Grass

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