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"Check out Feminist.com for a nicely connected resource on a wide range of issues involving women - activists or not. You'll find everything from health and fitness reports to the latest news on what politicians are up to." - USA Today Online Hot Sites

You're a feminist lost in cyberspace; how do you cut through the endless wilds of data and find womyn-friendly space? Go to http://feminist.com, the guiding light for progressive women on the Web." - Ms. Magazine

"News and bulletins, resources and links, women's health info, articles and speeches, women-owned businesses, and activism." - Yahoo! Picks of the Week

"A wealth of information on feminism, activism, government, and gender resources for an array of political persuasions." - Wired Magazine

"Feminist.com: This site offers a Q&A with Gloria Steinem, the ability to search for women's services by location, weekly news updates, links to pro-feminist men's groups and personal stories of affirmative action." - The Nation

"An excellent site put together by women whose goals are to promote awareness, education, activism and empowerment. Has a nationwide database of thousands of women's resources that allow you to locate a women's service - including adoption agencies, battered women's shelters, and AIDS organizations - near you. The inclusive health section has links to many sites on general women's health, reproductive health, cancer and AIDS." - Our Bodies, Ourselves for the New Century

"Feminist.com:Absolutely huge Web site, organized into some 45 subject areas covering many, many different areas. Also plays web-host to a number of additional groups and organizations for, by and about women.." - Michael Moore's Official Web site

"Feminist.com offers a wealth of resources on a wide array of issues affecting the lives of women and girls. Users will find everything from a comprehensive directory of "women-friendly" businesses to the latest scoop on what politicians are up to. A sampling of this enormous database includes "Women's Health Issues," featuring a host of resources and news on women's health; an activism section with handy email links to the White House and Congress, making it possible for even the busiest woman to send a message to Washington; and "Articles and Speeches" with writings, speeches, and interviews from celebrated feminists like Gloria Steinem and Bella Abzug. All this and so much more -- whether you're a feminist or not, you can't afford to pass this one by. - Lycos Top 5%

"If you're looking for ways to become more active in women's issues, Feminist.com is the site for you. Get in touch with your feminine side -- contact women-owned businesses, learn about women's health issues, and find or place classified employment ads. Rock the vote with the government contacts, hotlines, petitions, events, and resources listed." - HomeArts Hot Link of the Day

"The Feminist.com folks say this site is designed to promote political activism, business development, and civic participation on the part of women. The site works toward that goal with a nicely designed home page "tree" featuring branches of links to a variety of resources. "Activism" provides information about current issues affecting the lives of women and girls; "Women Owned Businesses" lists "women-friendly" companies, products, and services; while "Women's Health Issues" features Internet resources focusing on issues like breast cancer, AIDS, reproductive health, and more. "Articles and Speeches" offers a sampling of women's writings, speeches, and interviews from national leaders, journalists, and humorists. The "Classifieds" area allows women to solicit a variety of information or post job openings, "Resources and Links" connects users to other women's organizations and groups, while the "What's New" section keeps visitors informed of the latest developments at Feminist.com. A site that goes a long way toward meeting its goal of encouraging networking among women thanks to useful, concisely presented material and resources." - Mecklermedia's iWORLD Site of the Day

"A beautiful state-of-the-art 'cyber community' for women not afraid of the f-word. Feminist.com features news, weekly Washington updates, articles, speeches, information on health issues, women-owned businesses, activism and classifieds. There are even handy email links to the White House and Congress, making it possible for even the busiest woman to send a message to Washington." - Global Network Navigator Best of the Net

"Feminist.com was founded on the principle that women and girls are steered away from math, science, and technology, traditionally have trouble breaking into the "old boy's network," and may not feel comfortable enough to participate in online networking...at least in the numbers that men do. According to Feminist.com, the percent of women online has grown to as much as 30%, but it's still a disappointing turnout. This site works to encourage women to connect with an array of resources and links that support women's issues and human rights concerns in general. The Activism section includes a calendar of urgent actions and newsletters from a variety of organizations. Also check out the impressive collection of health and employment resources, and the Articles and Speeches section." - The Net Magazine

"Feminist.com (www.feminist.com) Not just for activists, Feminist.com features a diverse database of tens of thousands of women's resources, plus information on politics, health and business issues." - Home PC Magazine "Best of the Web"

"The richness of the tree that greets the visitor to this site is an indication of the resources presented within...Feminist.com balances its own content with links to other Internet offerings. The balance combines to create comprehensive access to information by and for women. For good reading, stop by Articles and Speeches. Read Hillary Clinton's excellent address to delegates of the UN Women's Conference in Beijing. Or enjoy an interview with Gloria Steinem, who explains, among other things, that "feminist" is not a bad word. If reading isn't your preference for the moment, try the Activism section for some exercise. The opportunities are quite diverse and are housed both on the Feminist.com site and elsewhere. Finally, you can let your wallet support women's efforts by patronizing some of the Women Owned Businesses listed on the site... Let Feminist.com guide you to health information, activism and much more." - WebActive Featured Sites

"Feminist.com is the kind of site that would give Rush Limbaugh nightmares. With editorials, online and offline resources, and classifieds, Feminist.com would justify the existence of the World Wide Web even if it were the only site there. But since it also offers a list of links to other feminist sites, it's a good thing it's not." - Wild Wild Web Television Show

"Women, socially conscious and economically viable, that's what Feminist.com presents. Don't miss the collection of speeches on women's issues made by such celebrated women as Hillary Rodham Clinton or the interview with Gloria Steinem. The extensive Activism section, with links to really useful political, medical, and children's issues, along with other resources, is excellent. Links to many health resources, a directory of women's businesses across the United States, and a classified ad section are included." - Magellan Internet Guide

"A stylized tree-cum-image map takes you to the various branches of Feminist.com, a creation devoted to educating, informing, and empowering women. Sections include speeches and articles by the likes of Hillary Rodham-Clinton and Gloria Steinem, quotes from famous women, and links to a wide range of political, educational, and activist resources. Women owned businesses, health information, and classifieds round out this extremely useful project, built by a collection of women from various organizations." - Net Guide Magazine Gold Site

"For the empowerment and education of women, this site offers news, speeches, businesses and personals. Multiple resources point to activist sites and organizations that deal with civil rights. A wealth of feminists resources offers information about politics, news, equality and activist groups." - Snap! Online Best of the Web

"A gateway to women's issues. Provides a home to many organizations and to links related to women's issues. From Foxy Webzine to Women's suffrage in America, Feminist.com carries it all." - Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA) Resource Center "Top 10 Best Equity Websites Award"

"Contemporary issues, such as women's health, parenting, violence, and sexuality. Includes news and activist information. Community-oriented resource links, including an extensive list of women's career and professional organizations." - LookSmart Editor's Choice Award

"Weekly news updates and action alerts, women's health resources, women owned businesses, classifieds, interviews, home for many non-profits and more." - Earth Channel's Mother's Finest Award

"Information about women's health, businesses, parenting and more." - Leading Learning Fountain Award

"A great site for women with many many subjects and help. Check this one out!" - Info Service Super Site

"Feminist.com: The main goal of this site is to facilitate offline and online networking between women and to be a conduit to resources that serve them. It has a nationwide database listing adoption agencies, eating disorder treatment centers, midwives and OB/GYNs, and women's organizations and services. It also provides information on activism, health issues, articles and speeches by or about women, listings of women-owned businesses and a classified section." - Cybergrrl & NetGuide's "Top 10 Women's Sites"

"Feminist.com provides information, resources and links to feminist issues. It's an American site, but has links to women's sites worldwide." - UK Online Recommended Site

"This epicenter of online feminism features inspirational speeches, news, tips on activism and more." - Women's Wire

"Mind-boggling amounts of information." - Cybergrrl Info Zone

"Turn here for coverage of almost all things feminine and feminist. Got a question? "Ask Amy." She'll point out resources online and give you tips on the best way to go about finding answers." - Beatrice's Web Guide (Wire Networks and Yahoo!)

"Feminist.com is an online resource for women of all ages. Features include links to women-owned businesses, an Our Bodies, Ourselves reading room, and a directory to women’s services located near you. This site encourages activism by providing a direct e-mail link to the White House, and education resources for younger girls through New Moon, a newspaper for girls age 8-14. Get up, stand up!" - SheClicks.com/Best Sites

"If you have access to the Internet, this web site is an excellent resource, a good place to find articles and speeches about women's issues, listings and links to feminist groups and organizations, legislation updates and suggestions about activism." - Country Connections Magazine

"This site provides information about current issues affecting women's lives, plus available resources and contacts for taking action. Learn about health care, activism, news, and women owned businesses. Read articles and speeches. Get involved in worldwide advocacy, or locate a neighborhood organization." - YIN Best of the Web for Women

"Feminist.com encompasses the entire feminist movement, from Third Wave to Washington Feminist Faxnet to Girls Incorporated. It's straightforward, informative and doesn't have a hell of a lot to do with skateboarding. But it's a great reference source if you're looking for women-friendly businesses, or if you want to know what's going down in Congress that will affect you as a woman. And don't be afraid of the URL - there's a lot to enjoy even if you think the F word has four letters." - Tripod Women's Room

"Women and girls can find much information on politics, health, and "women-friendly" products and services, plus the Internet's first women's Animated Art Gallery." - New Age Journal

"When a study showed that only 15 percent of net users were women, Feminist.com built a site. With sections on health, activism, classifieds and professional networking, this page should prove to be a good lure to get more women online." - Wolff New Media


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