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Khadijah bint al-Khuwaylid (approximately 565-623)

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Khadijah lived on the Arabian peninsula as a successful merchant, whose caravans to Syria and Yemen were among the largest and returned to her high profits. One time, she hired a distant relative to take a caravan on her behalf. A young man of twenty-five years, his character and competence on the trip won her admiration and eventually deep affection. Although twice widowed and significantly older than him, she proposed marriage, and returning her affection he accepted. His name was Mohammed, and in the years that followed he became the prophet of Islam.

When he received the first revelation in a cave, it was Khadijah to whom he stumbled down the mountain. Physically shaking and unable to comprehend his experience, Mohammed turned to Khadijah, who immediately recognized the significance of what had happened and encouraged him to let go of his fears. She was the first to understand the importance of the revelation and is widely regarded as the first Muslim, who led many others to believe. Known for her compassion, all her riches were spent on the poor and in supporting the birth of this new religion. With her husband, however, she faced persecution because of her beliefs and actions until her death. Despite the prevalence of polygamy in war torn Arabia, Prophet Mohammed never took another wife while Khadijah was alive. She remained his beloved, and to all Muslims she is Ameerat-Quraysh, Princess of Quraysh, and al-Tahira, the Pure One.




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