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Irshad Manji (1968-)

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Irshad Manji is a Canadian feminist, author, journalist and activist. She’s the Director of the Moral Courage Project at New York University, which teaches young leaders to speak truth to power in their own communities.

Manji was born in Uganda to parents of Egyptian and Gujarati descent. She’s well-known for her criticism of traditional mainstream Islam and orthodox interpretations of the Qur’an. The New York Times described her as “Osama bin Laden’s worst nightmare.” Manji is the founder of Project Ijtihad, a charitable group working to “build the world’s most inclusive network of reform-minded Muslims and non-Muslim allies.”

Manji’s book The Trouble with Islam Today has been published in more than 30 languages. She also produced the documentary “Faith Without Fear,” which chronicles her attempt to balance her faith in Allah with her love of freedom.

Irshad is an inspiring woman who is not afraid to speak up about herself (outing herself as a lesbian AND a Muslim, for instance), or on behalf of anyone she feels needs a voice. Her bravery is both deep and wide.






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