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Inner Actions
An Ongoing Series by Blair Glaser, MA, LCAT, RDT

Improving the interactions we have inside ourselves and with others

Have you ever listened to yourself talking to yourself, only to discover how mean / limiting / undermining your inner voice(s) can be? Or have you caught yourself saying something out loud to a loved one that just shocks you in its tone or underlying intention, almost as if the speaker isn't really YOU? This column will explore and help us understand the dynamics behind intrapersonal and interpersonal communication, and offers innovative tools and skills to help retrain ourselves to behave in a more mature and integrated manner.

Conquering The Evil Queen

The Feelings and the Story


The Power of "Not Now"

Intention vs. Execution

Tragedy and Humanity

Hard Muscles, Soft Hearts and the Inner Gym

Got Resolutions? First, Get Anxious.

The Shame of Stress

Reacting with Grace: Get to Know the Back Up

The Sort-of-Quick Guide to Boundaries

Vulnerability is the New Currency . . . Except When It's Counterfeit





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