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Fall 2015: Women & Men as Allies

October 7, 2015, New York City

The Women & Men as Allies Initiative, a partnership between Feminist.com and Michael Kimmel and The Center for for the Study of Men & Masculinities, grew out of our Men & Women as Allies FemSalon in 2014. Women & Men as Allies will be a co-branded microsite and series of events that explores what it means for men and women to collaborate in pursuit of gender equality, to positively redefine masculinity and to work towards creating cultures free of violence. Women & Men as Allies is based on the belief that men must engage with feminism in order to achieve true equality, and feminist work must seek to include and encourage the participation of men.

Our 2nd event in this series – Women & Men as Allies: At Work and At Home – was a conversation about how women and men can be allies in the efforts to balance work and family. The event featured a panel discussion with Jessica Bennett, Simon Isaacs, Alicia Jay and Josh Levs moderated by Marianne Schnall and Michael Kimmel – and was supported by the Woodcock Foundation.

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Scenes from the Event

More photos can be found in the album on Feminist.com's Facebook page.

Video Highlights from the Salon

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Once again, thank you to our generous sponsors and amazing partners!

Laurie Osmond/Ideaology (video)
Chris Disend and Willa Shalit/RTM Limited
Daniel Mirer Photographer
Matt Smith at Perisphere Media

The Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities The Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities was founded in 2013 at Stony Brook University – the first such center on the world dedicated to exploring men's lives and engaging men and boys for gender equality. Our mission is to foster a dialogue between researchers and activists working to engage men, and to inspire researchers to provide activists with work they need to be more effective. The Center runs seminars and develops activist-based research projects.

The Woodcock Foundation is a progressive family foundation established to link family creativity and resources with community development needs. Trustees select areas of interest, identify individuals within those areas who possess strong leadership skills, and then invest in them with both financial as well as technical resources. Since 1996, Woodcock has awarded over $30 million (at present around $2.5 million per year) to over 50 organizations, primarily in the areas of social enterprise and economic development, food systems, large landscape conservation, education, media & democracy, gender equality, and civil society.

And as always – thanks to all who joined us at the event! It was an inspiring evening and we were so happy to share it with our friends, colleagues and supporters.

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See highlights from our first Men & Women as Allies event featuring a panel moderated by Marianne Schnall and Michael Kimmel with Chloe Angyal, Abigail Disney, Carlos Andrés Gómez, Don McPherson, Esta Soler, and Niobe Way, hosted at the home of Abigail Disney, .

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