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Exclusive News Stories:

How Can 30+ Million Be Invisible? by Mable F. Yee

McCain Ridicules Health Exemptions for Abortion by Peggy Simpson

A Motherhood Movement for the 21st Century by Joy Rose

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones by Barbara Cohn Schlachet

Speaking of Change: Women Broadcasters Deliver by Nichola D. Gutgold

Pundits and Viewers Give Palin a Pass by Peggy Simpson

Where Have Our Standards Gone? by Avis A. Jones-DeWeever

When Sisterhood is Suicide and Other Late Night Thoughts by Robin Morgan

Speaker Pelosi: Leadership Tested By Fire by Peggy Simpson

Palin Power(less) by Patricia DeGennaro

Weathering the Storm, Then Changing Course by Lisa Wise

Financial Meltdown Sidelines Politics as Usual by Peggy Simpson

Keeping Hold of Your Vision - the Making of Hounddog by Melissa Silverstein

Pollsters Grapple With a Sarah Surge by Peggy Simpson

Republicans for Choice Seek Common Ground With Sarah Palin by Ann E.W. Stone

Russian Women Look Outward to Create Change by Giovanna Rossi Pressley

Sex and the Single Guys, For Real by Deborah Siegel

The Republican Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole with McCain-Palin by Tanya Melich

She's Phyllis Schlafly, Only Younger by Gloria Steinem

Battle Looms for Electoral Votes in the Wide-Open Spaces by Carol Jenkins

As GOP Convention Opens, the Palin Factor by Peggy Simpson

McCain Tries to Grab the History Flag from Obama by Tanya Melich

Denver, August 28: We Watched History in the Making by Carol Jenkins

Both Clintons Deliver for Obama, With an Assist from Joe Biden by Peggy Simpson

Women Film Critics: An Endangered Species? by Jennifer Merin

In November, Women Will Vote With Health Care In Mind by Judy Waxman

The Clinton Nomination: Historic But Not Unprecedented by Nichola D. Gutgold

The Edwards Scandal: Sexual Ethics and the Other “Two Americas” by Barbara Cohn Schlachet

Making Women Farmers “Visible” As They Feed Nations by Regina Cornwell

Climate Change is a Human Rights Challenge by Rachel Harris

Obama and Women Leaders Get Down to Business by Peggy Simpson

Immigration: Waiting for Leadership by Pramila Jayapal

Finally! The UN Gets One Right by Robin Morgan

Calling All Women and Minority Media Owners (But Not Too Loudly) by Kristal Brent Zook

Isabel Allende, Loung Ung and the Power of Memoir by Marianne Schnall and Patty Goodwin

A Reflective NOW Looks to the Future by Peggy Simpson

Women Ahead of the (Blog) Curve by Melissa Silverstein

Delving Further into Foreign Policy in Afghanistan by Patricia DeGennaro

Military Women—Ready to Rock the Boat by Jennifer Hogg

Ground Zero of the Housing Crisis: Report from Miami by Laura Flanders

When the Bush Becomes a "Desert Shrub" by Mary Thom

The Essence of It All: WNBA Rookie Lands Far from Rutgers Controversy by Shanelle Matthews

"This Constantly Pulsating Fear" Feingold Talks FISA with Brian Beutler

Doc Film Makers Keep Women's Issues on the Agenda by Melissa Silverstein

Farm Women, an Unsung World Treasure by Regina Cornwell

Clinton, Paul and Couric—How Barriers Fall by Peggy Simpson

Live From (the New) Main Street by Glenda Holste

Nicaraguan Activist Embarks on Democracy Hunger Strike by María Suárez Toro

Hillary Asks the Question of the Day by Peggy Simpson

Fanning the Flames of Youth Civic Engagement by Courtney E. Martin

A Women's Cultural Moment by Melissa Silverstein

Madeleine Kunin’s Sensible Guide to Electing More Women by Susan Loubet

At the Gloria Awards, Feeling the Promise of My Generation by Jennifer Pelly

Congress Investigates Drive-Through Mastectomies by Linda Fisher

Swanee Hunt Tells Congress That Women Are Essential to Peace Efforts by Mary Thom

NARAL PAC Endorses Obama, Sparking Controversy by Peggy Simpson

"A Walk to Beautiful"—The Power of Women's Stories by Peggy Simpson

Obama and Clinton: Don’t Count on Disunity in the Fall by Peggy Simpson

Mother’s Day, Observed by Rebekah Spicuglia

Pakistani Filmmaker Captures the Lives of Iraqi Refugee Children by Lia Petridis

Eve Ensler’s Spectacular Celebrates New Orleans Women by Regina Cornwell

Challenges for Obama After Pennsylvania Primary by Peggy Simpson

Benedict in America: The Man Show by Angela Bonavoglia

Women Don't Ask? No, Employers Don't Pay by Ellen Bravo

Hand-To-Hand Combat in Pennsylvania by Peggy Simpson

Western Pennsylvania Enjoys Its Surprise Role in the Presidential Race by Shannon Reed

Hillary Speaks Fluent Pennsylvanian by Nichola Gutgold

Thanks, We'll Make Our Own Media by Adele M. Stan

Today’s Scarlet Letter by Avis A. Jones-DeWeever

The Mystery Suspect in the U.S. "Obesity Epidemic" by Paula Caplan, Ph.D

About That Writers’ Strike at DailyKos … by Alegre

Democratic Primary: Tracking Race as an Issue by Peggy Simpson

Talking to Voters in Texas—a State Clinton Knows Well by Peggy Simpson

Deborah Kanafani: Invisibility Unveiled by Regina Cornwell

The Categorical Spitzer by Shannon Reed

Behind Her Anger by Susan Griffin

What Hillary Clinton Accomplished in Ireland by Nuala O’Faolai

Please Listen to the Women of Iraq by Zainab Salbi

Talking to Voters in Texas—a State Clinton Knows Well by Peggy Simpson

Morning in America, A letter from feminists on the election (from The Nation)

Premiere Dame Worries Sarkozy Constituents by Haby Assevero

Women Gain With Hillary Clinton’s Run by Nichola Gutgold

In Search of the Real News in the Primary Coverage by Carol Jenkins

Clinton and Obama Face Off Again in Texas Debate by Peggy Simpson

Geena Davis Forum—Searching the Cels for Girl Mice and Ninjas by Sara Voorhees

From Superdome to SUPERLOVE — V-Day at 10 by Marianne Schnall

Lost Girls of Sudan by Laura DeLuca

In Potomac Primaries, Obama Gains with Clinton Core Voters by Peggy Simpson

Clinton Goes to New Campaign Manager by Carol Jenkins

How the Media, Once Again, Got It Wrong by Carol Jenkins

With Hard Work, Clinton Holds Her Own on Super Tuesday by Peggy Simpson

Goodbye To All That (#2) by Robin Morgan

Obama Gains Momentum vs. Clinton&Clinton by Peggy Simpson

Have You Seen a Woman Director Lately? by Melissa Silverstein

The Amen Corner—The True Worth of South Carolina's Primary by Elizabeth G. Hines

Jane Jacobs and the Now and Future City by Regina Cornwell

In Nevada, Women Again Come Through for Clinton by Peggy Simpson

Does Hillary Have an Inner Bella? by Suzanne Braun Levine and Mary Thom

Camelot Revisited—What’s Lost in Pakistan by Shazia Z. Rafi

Election Watch: Is Primary Season Good for Feminism? by Adele M. Stan

Election Watch: Invisible Woman by Carol Jenkins

From The New York Times: Women Are Never Front-Runners by Gloria Steinem

The NH Vote—How Did Hillary Pull It Off? by Peggy Simpson

Election Watch: New Hampshire Women Voters Struggle to Make Up Their Minds by Michele Filgate

Election Watch: Iowa Voters Reject Front Runners by Peggy Simpson

Women World Leaders Reassess Security by Regina Cornwell

Many Tests Are Posed by the Iowa Caucuses by Peggy Simpson

In Memory of Benazir Bhutto, Cut U.S. Ties to Musharraf by Jodie Evans

Persepolis—Iranian Feminist as Subversive by Melissa Silverstein

Sexual Violence as Occupational Hazard—In Iraq and at Home in the U.S.A. by Marie Tessier

The Four Solstice Miracles by Robin Morgan

Who Is Making Those Troubling Toys from China? by Emily Xu and Zhang Jianyi

She Made It Media Project Offers a Look Back and a Push Forward by Melissa Silverstein

Oprah & Hillary—No Last Names Necessary by Carol Jenkins

Lucy Lippard on Eco Art and Climate Change by Regina Cornwell

"Charlie Wilson’s War" and Pakistan at a Crossroads by Shazia Rafi

Happy Ever After and the Modern Broad by Deborah Siegel

The GreenStone Story—Radio That Talked to Women by Kristal Brent Zook

Hysterectomies—Frequently Performed But Often Unnecessary by Linda Steinberg

Words Matter—McCain and Politics ’08 by Sara K. Gould

A Report from Freedom on Our Own Terms by Melissa Silverstein

Hillary Clinton’s Masculine Communication Style Just Might Win the Prize by Nichola D. Gutgold

Muslim Women, Taking The Lead by Nida Khan

Women’s Delegation Calls for an End to Failed Mideast Peace Formulas by Mary Thom

Appeals Court Spells Out Standards To Prevent Sex Abuse in Sports by Peggy Simpson

WMC Reprint: Words Matter—McCain and Politics ’08 by Sara K. Gould

On World Poverty Day—Women Hold the Key by Christine Grumm

Climate Change—Combatants at Work by Regina Cornwell

Benazir Bhutto—Will a Third Term Be the Charm? by Shazia Z. Rafi

From Imus to Industry—What Price Dignity? by Faye Anderson

Trade—A Film Brings Sex Trafficking Home by Rebekah Spicuglia

Sexual Harassment—What’s Changed Since the Hill/Thomas Hearings? by Freada Kapor Klein

Hillary, Condi, Aung San Suu Kyi and You by Marianne Schnall

Ms. Memories by Suzanne Braun Levine

Hillary Evens the Score on the Sunday Morning Circuit by Carol Jenkins

The Invisible World Cup by Melissa Silverstein

Sally Field’s Peace Message Breaks Through by Jodie Evans

Wired, She Wrote by Deborah Siegel

Congressional Democrats Embrace Equal Pay Issue by Peggy Simpson

Uganda’s Warrior Girls by Carol Jenkins

Hillary’s Rove Factor by Peggy Simpson

Murders in Mexico Continue by Kristal Brent Zook

(From the Women's Media Center)

Lessons From a Congress Rushing to Recess by Alida Brill

L’Chaim! A Celebration of Grace Paley by Robin Morgan

Hillary Gets Down by Kristal Brent Zook

Bucking an Anti-Terror Law by Ninotchka Rosca

What Price Earth? by Regina Cornwell

In Philippines, WMC Reporter Is Harassed by Macapagal-Arroyo Government by Mary Thom

WMC Iraq Series: Abeer's Courage by Rebecca Hayden

America’s Military Kids Are Latest Collateral Damage by Stacy Bannerman

WMC Iraq Series: Spielman Court-Martial Underway in Murder and Rape of Abeer by Rebecca Hayden

Women Are Half of All Bloggers—But Media Aren’t Noticing by Jennifer L. Pozner

Title IX—35 Years Later by Melissa Silverstein

Following the Footsteps of Genocide—Mia Farrow and Darfur by Bia Assevero

Headscarves and Turkish Politics by Tanya Melich

Opting for Family-Friendly Policies by Rebekah Spicuglia

The Sun as Sous Chef—Solar Cooking in Kenya by Regina Cornwell

WMC Katrina Campaign: New Study Explores the Aftermath for Women by Peggy Simpson

Commentary: A Modest Proposal . . . by Gloria Steinem

Al Mahaba Radio Speaks to Iraqi Women by Kristal Brent Zook

Thoughts on July Fourth—An American Dream Shattered by Nida Khan

Joining Audience to Filmmaker by Ariel Dougherty

Women’s eNews Five Years Later by Kristal Brent Zook

A Massive Effort Pays Off—N.Y. Anti-Trafficking Law by Taina Bien-Aimé

Hillary in Book-land by Peggy Simpson

New Study Finds Abysmally Few Minority and Women Owned Radio Stations by Kristal Brent Zook

At the WMC: Rather on CBS and Couric by Carol Jenkins

The Thinking Woman’s Theater—Mary-Mitchell Campbell by Susan Dworkin

Jordanian Journalist Breaks Taboos Campaigning Against Violence by Milon Nagi

Chicago Radio Station Owner at the Crossroads by Kristal Brent Zook

Looking to Congress for Justice on Wage Bias by Peggy Simpson

Guild Finds No Progress for Hollywood Women Writers by Melissa Silverstein

Journalists from five Middle Eastern Countries Reach Out to U.S. Colleagues by Mary Thom

Women Emerge as Powerful Advocates at UN Environment Conference by Regina Cornwell

Why the GOP Should Have Listened to Mary Crisp by Tanya Melich

France at a Crossroad by Bia Assevero

Voices from the Front—Women Face a “Mutilated Beast” by Milon Nagi

Robin Morgan and Anna Quindlen on the Media, Politics, and Change

Duke Saga—a Prosecutor’s Legacy by Marie Tessier

Rutgers Team as “Instrument of Change” by Carol Jenkins

How to Finally Answer Imus by Carol Jenkins

Women's Sports and Media - The Challenges Ahead by Melissa Silverstein

A Crossroads for Human Rights—the Achievement of the Korean Comfort Claims by Sandra Kim

One More Taboo by Suzanne Braun Levine

Is Three the Charm? Running the Network Nightly News by Gemma Puglisi

Is Three the Charm? Running the Network Nightly News by Gemma Puglisi

Stepping It Up, Against Global Warming by Regina Cornwell

Right Candidates, Wrong Question by Gloria Steinem

Iraq Series: Whose War? by Tamera Gugelmeyer

Journalists, Recruited from Provinces, Train in Bangladesh by Indrani Sen

Iraq Series: The Casualties of War Crimes— Who Weeps for Abeer? by Helen Zia

Iraq Series: What a War Crime Looks Like by Milon Nagi

Black Enough? Obama’s Dilemma and Mine by Kristal Brent Zook

The Thinking Woman’s Theatre—Eleanor Holdridge by Eleanor Holdridge

Feminist Bloggergate—a Cautionary Tale by Melissa Silverstein

Murphy’s "Norbit"—Just a Good Laugh? by Kristal Brent Zook

Iraq Update: “I’m Down With That” by Tamera Gugelmeyer

Iraq Update: 100-Year Sentence for Second Soldier Convicted of Rape and Murder by Milon Nagi

From One Night’s Silence, a Larger Debate? by Krista Jacob

The Activism and Art Connection by Marcia G. Yerman

Promising Signs at the UN by Jessica Neuwirth

Iraq Series: Notes from the Court Martial of Sgt. Paul Cortez by Helen Zia

Women's Voices Missing from the Theatre—Does Anyone Care? by Melissa Silverstein

Katrina Commentary: Why They Can’t Go Home by Kristal Brent Zook

Katrina Series Reprint: Una’s Story by Tamara Kreinin for the Ms. Foundation for Women

Berkeley Daily Planet Tribute for Molly Ivins by Becky O’Malley

Journalist Sarah Olson Wins Victory for Free Speech against Subpoena by Helen Zia

MediaTrack 2008—Pelosi Ascent Marks Gender Gap Milestone by Milon Nagi

Iraq Series: Peace Protesters May Find Climate Change in DC by Jeanine Plant

Why Hillary is Ready by Patricia Schroeder

Digging at Duke by Kristal Brent Zook

The Surge: Moral Waivers and Legal Triage by Robin Morgan

A Powerful Media Can Stop a War by Jane Fonda

Women Who Are in Trouble—and We Don’t Care! by Gloria Steinem

China’s Women from the Inside by Milon Nagi

Nancy Pelosi’s Greatest Asset by Gloria Feldt

Iraq Series Update: Sentencing Belies Death Penalty Risk for Rape-Murder Defendants by Marie Tessier

An Auspicious D.C. Tea Party by Gloria Feldt

Commentary: Onscreen for the Holidays by Melissa Silverstein

Reinventing Maintenance with Artist Mierle Ukeles by Regina Cornwell

Using New Media to Uncover Hidden Histories by Kristal Brent Zook

On to 2008—Understanding the Women’s Vote by Mary Thom

Commentary: The Virtual Charms of New Media Kristal Brent Zook

Philippine Feminist Decries Decision on Convicted U.S. Soldier WMC Report

Mystelle Brabbée on India’s Modern Day Courtesans by Milon Nagi

Playing Politics with Women’s Lives in Nicaragua by Adele M. Stan

Girls Interrupted by Jeanine Plant

Excerpt: Geneva Overholser on Objectivity in Journalism

Iraq Series Update: Soldier Sentenced to Life in Rape-Murder by Marie Tessier

WMC Katrina Series Reprint: Nsombi’s Story by Tamara Kreinin for the Ms. Foundation for Women

Powered by Google, Powered by Women by Tamera Gugelmeyer

Women and Microenterprise—Learning from the new Nobel Prize Winner by Sara K. Gould

Iraq Series: Obscure Beginnings to Justice for Abeer by Tamera Gugelmeyer

Election Ads Reframe Abortion Debate by Adele M. Stan

Young Women Voters—Tipping the Ballot Balance? by Tamera Gugelmeyer

Dixie Chicks - Speaking Up and Speaking Out by Melissa Silverstein

Katrina Storytelling Is a Prelude to Change by Joanne Edgar

Katrina Series Reprint: Sharon's Story by Tamara Kreinin

SD Choice Advocates Pull into Homestretch, Issue SOS by Angela Bonavoglia

Commentary: "Deliver Us From Evil" Spotlights Women Victims of Priest Abuse by Angela Bonavoglia

Joan Blades on Real Family Values by Milon Nagi

School Shooters Target Girls, Point to Larger Problem of Violence Against Women by Kim Gandy

The Other Washington Sex Scandal—Federally Funded Misinformation by Adrienne Verrilli

Human Rights Lawyers Expose Misuse of U.S. Aid to the Philippines by Ninotchka Rosca

3 to 1—Male Writers Dominate “Thought Leader” Magazines by Ruth Davis Konigsberg

Iraq Series: Military Justice System Fails One More Victim of Sexual Violence Commentary by Marie Tessier

Charlayne Hunter-Gault on the “New News” from Africa By Milon Nagi

Excerpt from Fighting Words—A Toolkit for Combating the Religious Right By Robin Morgan

Under the Radar Screen—Rape and Sexualized Violence and the Geneva Conventions By Rhonda Copelon

Those Incendiary Papal Remarks—What Could He Be Thinking? By Angela Bonavoglia

N.M. Politics—Path of Fierce Resistance By Kate Nelson

Fall TV—Women Creators Take Their Shot By Melissa Silverstein

The Future of Feminism is Online. Are You? By Tamera Gugelmeyer

UN Secretary General — Time for a Woman By Jessica Neuwirth

Iraq Series Reprint: Hidden War on Women By Ruth Rosen

Katie Couric’s First Day by Carol Jenkins

Regan Hofmann on the Hidden Faces of HIV by Milon Nagi

Iraq Commentary: Two Bleed, One Leads By Tamera Gugelmeyer

Yanar Mohammed, Iraqi Symbol of Freedom and Secularism, Speaks to WHRnet

Regan Hofmann on the Hidden Faces of HIV by Milon Nagi

An Inconvenient Truth Seizing the Moment by Lori Luechtefeld

Court Documents Reveal FDA Politicized Plan B Approval By Adrienne Verrilli

"Not How a Second-Generation Should Bond”—Sex Selection in U.S. South Asian Communities by Milon Nagi

WMC Iraq Commentary - Manhood and Moral Waivers by Robin Morgan

WMC Commentary - Letter from Jerusalem by Yvonne Deutsch

June Cross on Secrets and Displacements by Milon Nagi

Anger and Frustration Over Closing of Juárez Femicide Cases by Leslie Fishburn-Clark

Pay Gap Is Widest in Top-Paying Media Industry Segments By Milon Nagi

Middle East “Voices of Resistance” Broadcast by Mary Thom

A Modest Proposal or Why I Support the Full Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act Commentary by Lynn M. Paltrow

Colombia Women’s Small Step Forward By Veronica Vadía Morgenstern

In Hollywood, Perception of Equality Doesn't Make it Real By Melissa Silverstein

“Protection” Bill Endangers Teens By Amy Bryant

Black Church Leaders Confront Sexuality Issues By Nida Khan

Reproductive Rights Pioneer Honored By Gloria Feldt

Facing Down Goliath By Tamera Gugelmeyer

A New Kind of Father’s Day Commentary Commentary by Geoff Boehm

Jane Fonda on Launch of Historic V-Day Festival By Jane Fonda

What's Missing from the Abortion Debate? Commentary by Chrisse France

I Care for Your Children Here's What You Should Know About Me By Melvina Vandross

Teens Need Honest Information About Sex Commentary by Adrienne Verrilli

Basketball and Babies By Melissa Silverstein

Gay Marriage Vote Signals Start of 2006 Campaign Season By Adele M. Stan

Negotiating Net Neutrality By Tamera Gugelmeyer

On Rosenthal's Watch Commentary by Betsy Wade

Minnesota Women Reach Parity in U.S. Congressional Races By Rosemary Rocco

Philippines Update By Ninotchka Rosca

Immigration Law Proposals Threaten Victims of Domestic Violence By Susan Loubet

Further Update on Philippines By Ninotchka Rosca

The Invisibility of The Filipina By Ninotchka Rosca

Gloria Steinem Response to Couric By Gloria Steinem

Trimming Fat--Women Beware! Commentary by Linda Basch and Mimi Abramovitz

Media Silence on Major Asia Story: Philippine Congresswoman Charged with Rebellion; Women's Movement Declared Illegal By Ninotchka Rosca

South Dakota Law New Chapter in Abortion Rights An exclusive backgrounder by Gloria Feldt, former president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America

A Garland for Coretta Scott King By Janus Adams

Betty Friedan, Map Maker by Alida Brill

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