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The book Our Bodies, Ourselves, the definitive women's health resource, has been providing important information to women for the past 25 years. Written and carefully researched by the Boston Women's Health Collective, a nonprofit organization committed to education about women and health, the book candidly discusses a variety of issues concerning women's health and their bodies. Now, marking the first major revision in 14 years of this essential health care resource, Our Bodies, Ourselves for the New Century has been completely updated to reflect our changing times.

Feminist.com is proud to feature the following excerpts from a few of the book's many chapters, and we are pleased to offer to you the "Violence Against Women" chapter in full. We are happy to be able to share a sample of this wonderful material, and encourage our visitors to obtain this classic book—which you will find yourself referencing again and again.

Pick a section:
Birth Control
Body Image
Politics of Women's Health
Sexual Health
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Violence Against Women