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Resources and Conferences

  • The U.S. Department of Labor has lauched a campaign to inform women about pension benefits. A brochure, Women and Pensions: What Women Need to Know and Do, is now available. It includes a checklist and tips on what women need to learn about pension plans, Social Security and personal savings. Call the Women's Bureau at (202) 219-6611 for information.

Action Alerts

  • Now that the conventions are over and Labor Day is passed, the political campaigning begins in ernest. Find out how the candidates' views - and voting records - match yours on the issues. Check the papers for statements on positions; listen to the news; check voter guides and responses to questionnaires distributed by a variety of groups, including AAUW and League of Women Voters. Better yet, go to a candidates' forum to meet the candidates and ask them, or call their offices and ask their staff to tell you how they voted on specific issus. Be informed and inform others.

  • Make sure you, all your family and friends are registered to vote. Help college students and others who will be out of their voting distrincts on November 5 learn how to register for an absentee ballot, and do it soon. (Call your Election Bureau for information.)
  • Volunteer to work on a campaign. People are always needed to deliver signs and door-hangers, make calls and get out voters. Your future is in YOUR HANDS!



  • The California Assembly approved a bill requiring chemical castration of the state's worst child molesters. This makes California the first state in the country to mandate the controversial procedure which has had a high rate of success at reducing repeat offenses in Europe.

  • Women represented 50% of the delegates at the Democratic Convention; 34% at the Republican. Democratic rules require the delegates to reflect the race and gender mix in the overall population. The Republicans don't have such a requirement.

  • Sweden's Queen Silvia and the Swedish government with help from UNICEF and other organizations organized the first global conference against child prostitution and pornography. The child sex business is a multibillion-dollar industry that traps more then 1 million children a year. The problem is worst in Africa, poorer areas of eastern Europe and Asia, especially the Philippines and Thailand. Silvia appealed for a stop to this modern form of slavery.

and JEERS!

  • A seventeen-year-old single mother, Amanda Smisek, was given a 30-day suspended jail sentence for having sex before marriage under a 1921 Idaho state law. Said she: "I didn't even know what fornication was." I'll bet the unprosecuted father did!

  • Mitsubishi Motors is still under federal investigation for sexual harassment against hundreds of women at its Normal, Illinois, assembly plant. In response the company is quietly searching for a new head of public relations who must be a woman, reside in Normal, and pass an interview with the plant's Japanese manager. Despite a salary said to be near $200,000, there have been no takers.

Excerpted from WOMANSWORD, Vol. 1, Issue 9 September, 1996.



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