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October 2-November 5, 1996

Gloria Steinem Goes on America Online--and on the Road--to Activate Voters

"Ask Gloria" Will Include A Live, Real Time, Online Interview on Tuesday, October 8, 10p.m. EST, Keyword AOL Live

Dulles, VA, October 2, 1996 -- "Ask Gloria," an interactive arena designed by Gloria Steinem to inform and activate American voters will debut only on America Online today. Keyword: Ask Gloria.

While on the campaign trail in more than fifteen cities, Gloria Steinem will be answering five questions from AOL subscribers each day--chosen as most representative of the email she receives--as well as sending back everything from inside stories to political humor. Steinem will also research candidate platforms and include the positions of Presidential and Congressional candidates on key issues when addressing member questions.

"The idea is to counter the apathy and cynicism that tells us elections are dull, dirty, or not important to our everyday lives," explained Steinem. "That myth has been created by the few who couldn't stay in control if more people voted, and by the media notion that objectivity means being evenhandedly negative. India, South Africa, and even Bosnia turn out a greater percentage of voters than we do--and that's dangerous."

"Ask Gloria" will also contain Gloria's picks for the best women's political and voter web sites and political articles from Ms. Magazine including "The Truth Squad: If you think the candidates are really the same, look again," and "Voting as Rebellion". AOL members will be able to scan through these and past week's answers throughout election season.

"Ask Gloria's" debut will be followed with a live online interview with Ms. Steinem Tuesday, October 8 at 10p.m. EST. AOL members who participate in the forum can submit their questions to Ms. Steinem at Keyword: AOL Live!

Steinem began reporting on campaigns as the political columnist for New York Magazine in 1968. Now the best-selling author of Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions, Revolution from Within, and Moving Beyond Worlds, she is also a writer and consulting editor for Ms. Magazine, the national feminist magazine she co-founded in 1972; a founder of the National Women's Political Caucus; President of Voters for Choice, an independent bi-partisan political action committee that supports candidates working for reproductive freedom; and founding president of the Ms. Foundation for Women, a national multi-issue, multi-racial women's fund.



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