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by Kathy Najimy

Hosted by Gloria Steinem,'s Salon on Feminism - part of our FemSalon Series - featured feminist thought leaders, activists and media makers like Carol Gilligan, Devaki Jain, Kathy LeMay, Pat Mitchell, and Kathy Najimy, among others.

The following speech was delivered by actress/activist Kathy Najimy at the salon on March 13, 2012.


I been having some thoughts… some "how abouts"... How about this? …Weigh in …

How about we ask all the girls and women who are unwantedly pregnant- for any reason- to all name Rush Limbaugh as the baby daddy?

How about we French kiss each other for having elected a President who sees us as citizens of the world and not exclusive members of the winning wrestling team.

But how about we all sigh, swallow hard and just admit that Hillary should have been elected Goddess in charge of the Universe?

How about we all promise to care that our globe is warming up faster than my curling iron.

How about we hold out a helping hand to countries in-need who ask for it, but butt the hell out when not invited.

How about we provide every teen girl and every teen boy with access to complete, informative sex education, and birth control and encourage the right to the pleasure of their own bodies.

How about we work to preserve a small patch of healthy grass for my kids' kids to slip n' slide on--- and maybe a little cube of ice so Polar Bears have somewhere to sit.

How about we urge our president to ONCE and for all, stop the madness and decree that any two consenting adults can hold hands, have a crush on, kiss, fall in love, marry and have children with whoever the fuck they choose. And if you’re terrified of that possible drop of 'gay' in you - and don't approve of gay sex - then don’t have some. And personally, as the official "Minister of the Gays… I’ll make sure you are never invited to a Gay or Lesbian wedding ever.

How about we muster up the courage and conviction to not just dip a toe in - but jump, with both feet into the fight to end slave sex and labor trafficking, female genital mutilation, violence in the home (which is what normalizes all other violence), mass rape and genocide.

How about we buy tickets to circuses starring willing, flexible show folk, in sexy colorful leotards and not go to ones that abused elephants, bears and monkeys.

For heavens sake! --- How about we honor the equal pay act, and insure that women get paid the same doggone dollar that men get -- for one dollars worth of doggone work.

How about we encourage a media that tells ALL sides of the Middle Eastern story.

How about we politely ask Taco Bell to offer two for one-bean and cheese burritos on my birthday

How about we give the electrocution remotes to the foxes and sables and minx and see whose skins they wear.

How about we shut down all the anti-choice centers posing as pregnancy counseling clinics and turn them into Dunkin' Donuts?

How about we hail carriages in Central Park pulled by paid and able young humans and let the regal, gorgeous, overworked, sick and mistreated horses run free and party in the meadow with hats on.

How about we put into place the Single Universal Health Care System, so all sick kids and grown ups can see Drs., and get better without having to mortgage all their possessions or wait for hours in the skanky ER in uncomfortable, scary chairs.

How about we believe and support women and girls who have been raped, molested, incested and abused and enact strict laws to fully prosecute the criminal men who ruin their lives.

How about we rule that Gloria Steinem lives to the sage old age of…. 1,000.

How about we urge Bravo! Channel to come up with another reality show for me to get addicted to.

How about we appoint into the Supreme Court, once and for all-- clear minded, fair, judges who legislate, for all time, that ALL women, at any age, by all means, in any city, with any color hair, in all cases, in any weather, on any damn day of the week, in every circumstance have full and final choice to decide what to do with their own bodies.

How about we send Mr. Bush and a guest to Cowboy Island where he gets to dress up as the Sheriff and do three "shoot em up" shows a day.

And set Trump's precious sons loose in an angry tailless elephant sanctuary.

How about we toast ourselves for walking the FREEDOM. EQUALITY. LOVE. HOPE.CHOICE. AND PEACE!!!!! How about it? Cheers to you.


The above speech was delivered by Kathy Najimy at's FemSalon on feminism - March 13, 2012.

Stay tuned for photos, video clips and other resources from the salon - and announcements about our next salons - coming soon!

Kathy Najimy is on the Advisory Board of

Photo: Avionne Adams.


Ms. Magazine "Woman of the Year" and PETA humanitarian of the year. Awarded by LA Shanti AIDS project for lifetime achievement - over 25 films including Sister Acts 1 and 2, Hocus Pocus, Ratrace and Oscar Winning Wall-E. TV - 14 seasons Peggy (Emmy award-winning) King of the Hill. Veronica's Closet with Kirstie Alley and a season on Numb3rs as Millie Finch the brilliant head of the University. On stage 20 years of original Off Broadway Feminist two woman play - The Kathy and Mo show. (both HBO specials available on DVD) and Kathy starred on Broadway as Mae West in Tony award-winning Dirty Blonde. Original member of V-Day and founding member The Vagina Monologues. Lives in NYC with 2 dogs, 15-year-old daughter Samia and husband Dan Finnerty of The Dan Band.

You can visit Kathy's web site at


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