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The 21st Century is truly the century of women. I know that as a supporter and beneficiary of, you will share our excitement that globally, women are tapping the Internet and mobile technologies to share stories, raise voices, and catalyze change.

But technology evolves quickly. We need your support at this critical time to help scale up its reach to activists and supporters throughout the world.

Why is now such a critical time?

The world is waking up to the fact that "women's issues" have global impact. At the intersection of world problems such as poverty, war and violence, food and water scarcity, access to health care, land and workers' rights, are the lives of women--and it is women who pose the solutions.

Did you know: We put the in Feminist?

For 16 years, has fostered awareness, education and global activism for women and girls around the world. With your support, can continue giving voice to all women.

With over one million visits per year, pioneered many online "firsts". We provided the first web home to organizations like Ms. Foundation, Equality Now, and V-Day. As long-time champions Gloria Steinem and Eve Ensler pointed out last December at our 15 year anniversary event, has been a leading hub for feminist thought. Take a look here and see what they had to say in our short new promotional video which also highlights some interesting facts about you might not know.

We are all connected; events in one part of the world can have a direct impact on the lives of women everywhere. Women's global voices are amplifying through social media on the web, enabling women to connect in times of crisis and in times of opportunity.

Simply stated, we need you. As a supporter and friend, you have been a part of's efforts every step of the way. Consider making a contribution of $100, $50.00 or whatever amount is possible for you. needs your support.

And stay tuned for some absolutely amazing events and announcements from in the months to come. I am so excited. I know that we are in a uniquely powerful position to help women magnify their voices through

With deepest thanks,
Marianne Schnall
Executive Director

and the Board of Directors & Advisory Board

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