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Yoga-Paws LLC is woman owned company dedicated to creating and supplying products that inspire practices to improve the quality of peoples lives. The company started out as a mother/daughter team 8 years ago.

Owner Jamie Getzwiller was raised on a working cattle ranch in southern Arizona, spending her days baling hay with her brother and practicing yoga with her mother. She graduated from University of Arizona in 2002 with a degree in Media Arts. Jamie then found her passion for creation and art while fulfilling a lifetime dream of her mothers, Gail Getzwiller, a yoga teacher of 30 years by directing, producing, and editing a Yoga video. Gail's Hatha flow routine that had become a favorite among family, friends, and her students.

The production of the video took place on Navajo rugs, where the practitioners were unable to stabilize their postures properly.

Within the production of the video the idea for Yoga-Paws was born. Many years and prototypes later, Yoga-Paws has been transformed into their current form. With continual dedication to quality and satisfaction, Jamie owns and operates Yoga-Syz from her offices in San Diego, California.

Our Passion:
Through trial and error, extensive testing, prototypes, and learning experiences… the business has been amazingly educational/growing experience for everyone within the company, as individuals and as a team. Becoming a unique and innovative business, inspiring others to take a chance and follow their dreams, no matter how big or small.

Yoga-Paws is excited to offer a product that is totally revolutionary in the Yoga world. Offering solutions, comfort, convince, and security. Giving people the ability to keep up with their practice whether they are traveling overseas or just at the office. Loving Yoga and Life…Yoga-Paws LLC will continue to bring you ingenious products and ideas which help to provide solutions

The original Yoga-Paws are a cutting edge Yoga/Pilates accessory. Inspiring and unique, Yoga-Paws stabilize your foundation when doing yoga. A revolutionary mini mat design for your hands and feet provides solid support, extra padding, and peace of mind. Fitting in your purse, pocket, or travel bag. Going somewhere? No need to lug that mat around with you anymore cause these things are ideal for TRAVEL!

Yoga-Paws LLC is passionate and deeply devoted to providing the best possible quality at a reasonable price. We promise to create and supplying products to help inspire practices which improve the quality of people's lives. Our deepest thanks for all the love and support.

"When you get to the end of all that light you know and it's time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: whether you will be given something solid to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly." – Edward Teller