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Teen Voices
TEEN VOICES: A Young Woman's Feminist Alternative to YM, Sassy and Seventeen

The national magazine Teen Voices breaks stereotypes about girls by directly addressing sexism and racism. Entertaining and educational, Teen Voices contains honest encouragement for girls to love and respect themselves no matter what their size, race or disability. All this without traditional beauty/fashion/sex found on the current market.

Teen Voices is the only national magazine written by and for teenage girls. Unlike commercial magazines written by adults trying to sound like teens, Teen Voices editorial content is determined by reader interest; its articles are also written by its readers. Issues readers have wanted to write about include coping with and recovering from abuse; exploring, understanding and appreciating ones cultural heritage; critiques on the media, dealings with feelings of isolation and alienation; pregnancy prevention; and, the realities of teen pregnancy. In addition to discussing popular culture and the everyday lives of adolescents, readers/authors share strategies for making the most of their lives and turning painful events into positive learning experiences. This invaluable forum for communication provides support and a sense of connection that young readers experience nowhere else.

"Teen Voices is supplemented with educational facts, intellectual questioning and helpful resources," says Teen Voices editor-in-chief Alison Amoroso, who founded the publication while receiving her Master's Degree in Counseling from Harvard University. "I see it as a parent's dream come true - fun reading that is filled with positive, esteem-building information for their daughters. We are continually working to smash stereotypes about teenage girls." Amoroso began Teen Voices in 1988 to empower teenage and young adult women by providing skills training and a communication forum that addresses the real life concerns of teen women.

Teen Voices is published quarterly by the non-profit organization Women Express, Inc., and is funded in part, by the Boston Foundation, the Boston Globe Foundation, the Polaroid Foundation and the Reebok Foundation. Funding is also provided by donations from private individuals.

You can bring Teen Voices to your home and community. The mass media has been exploiting women for too long and teen girls grow up believing they must act and think like sex objects. Teen Voices is providing an alternative media option and needs your input and support. Subscribe for yourself, a young friend, a local school or youth center, or just make a donation. For a minimum $20 tax-deductible contribution, you or an organization or a person of your choice will receive a subscription. You may send a check or call to place a credit card order. Teen Voices is available in many bookstores and libraries. If your local bookstore or library does not carry it, please ask them to order it from their distributor or subscription agency.

There are many ways to get involved with Teen Voices. Women Express is looking for investors in Teen Voices, so Teen Voices can be marketed aggressively and all teen can have access to it. For internships in marketing, finance, publishing, etc., contact Kristin Chase. Submissions from teens are always welcome. All submissions, correspondence, donations and subscription orders should be sent to:

Teen Voices
515 Washington Street, Floor 6
Boston, MA 02111

Or call (617) 426-5505, fax (617) 426-5577

E-MAIL: [email protected].

Sample copies of Teen Voices are available for $5.

Read an Article From Teen Voices


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