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Sweet Skins
Sweet Skins is a minority women owned eco-clothing Company. Designer and mother of three, Mira Fannin started the company 5 years ago selling at the Saturday Market in Eugene Oregon. There was such a demand for the classic simplicity and wearable of the designs that the obvious choice was to keep going. We are so pleased to be growing a business that is both ecologically sound and ethically run. We are using the latest and greatest in ecologically sound fibers and conscious clothing manufacturing; fabrics like eco-fleece, hemp, organic cottons and wool for their low impact processing and superior texture and quality. We choose dyes that are low impact and paper that is recycled or reused whenever possible. We also donate our scraps to artist, to keep our waste to minimum. Our clothing is designed and constructed in a converted garage studio sewn shop, by a handful of diverse women living in non-industrial Eugene Oregon. As our business continues to grow, we are committed to maintaining strong roots to our community, the health of the planet and to paving the road for the new more conscious business model. We believe that running a business is a huge responsibility and also a huge opportunity to do good things. We want to be a role model for future companies and for young people from diverse backgrounds. To learn more about what we’re doing and about the women behind the movement, tune in to our new blog site… sweetskins.blogspot.com