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Summer For Kids
My name is Adriana and I am a mom of a great little girl named Summer, a wife and a business owner. Safety and well being of all children are my priorities. One year after I had my little girl I decided to open a very special place with Organic, Safe and Educational products for parents and guardians and also a fun and safe corner for children to come and play while their parents browse the store. Summer was my inspiration for the store, so there was the name “Summer For Kids”

We only sell products we believe in. My background as a pharmacist gives me a greater knowledge and understanding of the fabric and material components– what should and should NOT be in children’s products

I also created a blog on my website for parents to learn about product safety or just be aware of things around us. I encourage my customers to write me emails with questions even if it is something I do not carry in my store, I am here to help. Summerforkidsstore.blogspot.com My family has been involved with Children’s charities for many years and Summer For Kids gives 100% of store profits to children in need.

Summer For Kids also collects gently used toys and clothes for less fortunate children and we deliver them to children in need. If you would like to make a donation, please bring them into the store or mail them to us.

Summer For Kids realizes they can’t do this alone – they’re calling on all those who believe in paying it forward. Purchases will directly impact the lives of children for the better. Customers can feel good about shopping, knowing that every penny of profit will go to support children that need it the most.