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Radiance Magazine
Radiance: The Magazine for Large Women, is an empowering, 64+-page, glossy, colorful magazine for women all sizes of large. Since its inception in 1984, Radiance has grown to become one of the leading sources of support, information, and inspiration to women in the worldwide Size Acceptance Movement.

Each quarterly edition profiles dynamic large women from all walks of life, along with compelling articles on health, media, fashion, and politics. With more than 200 ads per issue, Radiance connects its readers with the products and services important in their lives. On our pages, readers find the tools they need for creating a full life and a healthy self-esteem. Check out the Winter 1996 edition of Radiance, featuring a cover story and interview with the fabulous ROSIE O'DONNELL!!

Try a little "Radiance" in your life! Read a copy of today. You deserve it.

Website: http://www.radiancemagazine.com
Email: [email protected]
PO Box 30246, Oakland, CA 94604
Sample: $6 (sent first class) U.S. or $7 Canada/foreign. Subscription rates: $20/1 year (US), $26/1 year (Canada), $34/1 year (other foreign). Radiance now takes VISA and MasterCard! Call your order in today! All foreign subs. sent air mail. Please send foreign payments in U.S. funds or international money order.



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