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Precious Baby Doll Company
This is a woman owned business who also happens to be a single mother to two beautiful baby girls from Guatemala!

I wanted to give the message to others that the heart knows no boundaries, no color ~ only love, and thought that it would be a wonderful way to do it through my dolls. Too often parents want a doll that looks just like their child, but children have a different idea. Whenever I have had my dolls on display and asked parents to let their child choose, they have readily agreed and curious as to what they would pick. I have never had a child choose a doll of its own origin. Children see only through eyes of love. Think how wonderful it would be for an adopted child to see their friends playing and loving an ethnic baby doll. It would give self esteem and a pride in their heritage and it would teach biological children more about adoption and loving without limitations. Everyone has a right to celebrate the beauty of their heritage. My next doll will be an African baby and then onto other countries!!

I want others to embrace different ethnic cultures other than their own and move even further away from bias and discrimination.