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National Women's History Project Catalogue

Women's History Catalog
From the National Women's History Project

Whether women's history is unknown territory for you or an already familiar friend, you'll want this free, 48-page Women's History Catalog. It's your passport to discovering a wonderful new world of little-told stories about women's lives and accomplishments, stories you'll want to share with the young people in your life.

"Each time a girl opens a book and reads a womanless history, she learns she is worth less," report Myra and David Sadker, authors of Failing at Fairness: How America's Schools Cheat Girls. The Women's History Catalog will add vital new dimension to America's story for the girls --and boys!-- in your life.

The delightful materials you'll find in the Women's History Catalog can change the skewed vision too many of us hold about women's historic importance. Girls and women become empowered to broaden their ideas about what they can accomplish in their own lives, while boys and men develop increased respect for women and their abilities.

Take Susan B. Anthony, for example. What can you tell youngsters about the life of activism that earned recognition on a U.S. silver dollar for this intrepid feminist? Or Bessie Coleman, the African-American pilot. What did she do to win a place on a U.S. Postal Service stamp? Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Ginsberg are Supreme Court Justices today. What early work experiences do they share that color their attitudes about employment discrimination? You'll discover these four women among the posters, books and videos offered through the Women's History Catalog.

The Women's History Catalog is a delightful source for gifts to give the young people in your life, and for materials useful in classrooms and after-school programs, too. Coloring books and decks of cards, activity books and boardgames, picture books and reference works -- they're all included. So are placemats to color, festive balloons, bookmarks, stickers, and a wide choice of women's history buttons and magnets.

Think of yourself as well. Are you interested in politics, sports, science, or the arts? You'll find pathbreaking women in the Women's History Catalog whose tenacity will inspire you. Do you like to travel, write or paint? Accomplished women who have shared your interests will enliven your evenings. "Even reading one book that describes the world as if women mattered can change the rest of your life," asserts Gloria Steinem. Regardless of where your interests lie, you'll meet female heroes galore through the Women's History Catalog.

The Women's History Catalog is issued each fall and spring by the non-profit National Women's History Project (NWHP). Sales of these materials support the NWHP's ongoing efforts to increase public awareness of the personalities, issues and events of women's history. Among the NWHP's accomplishments: The designation of March as National Women's History Month on federal and school calendars, and a rapidly expanding list of women's biographies and history topics from major and small publishers alike. Additionally, the NWHP serves as the clearinghouse for women's history exhibits, conferences, activities and events; has produced videos, posters, curriculum units and organizing guides; founded and coordinates the Women's History Network, a participant organization with over 500 members; conducts teacher-training workshops and conferences; and provides research and writing services on a fee basis.

Requests for a Women's History Catalog, information about participating in the Women's History Network, or other related topics should be addressed to:

National Women's History Project
7738 Bell Road, Dept. E
Windsor, CA 95492

or call (707)838-6000, FAX (707)838-0478
E-MAIL * [email protected]



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