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The Idea

In the mid-1990’s, the importance of environmentally sound and earth-friendly practices became increasingly evident throughout the world. Concern deepened about the potentially harmful effects of dyes, chemicals and preservatives. At that point, increasing numbers of parents discovered the virtues of organic food for their children. By the late 1990’s, the demand for organic baby food had heightened, and it became much easier to find in local supermarkets.

Yet, there was still a need for dye-free, chemical-free toys. So, in 1999, Nuno was founded in Denmark by Anni Vedel to meet the need for earth-friendly and baby-safe toys. The idea was to provide an alternative to mainstream, factory-produced toys by offering an organic product line that is good for the environment, and safe for your baby!

The History

In the beginning, Nuno was an Internet store offering teddy bears made from organic materials. It didn’t take long before the customers requested crayons, play dough and other baby-safe toys. So, quickly, the Nuno line of products expanded. Organic clothes were added in 2000, and later Nuno opened Denmark’s largest store for organic baby and children products.

In 2004, Anni Vedel and Nicole Mastrell created a partnership to form NunoOrganic Inc. to make all the wonderful organic European baby and childrens’ products available internationally.

Today, Anni Vedel is running the local and export business from the office in Denmark and Nicole Mastrell services North American customers from the NunoOrganic office in NY.

The name Nuno

“Nuno” or in the olden days “Nunuu” is an old Greenlandic word. It is used as a name or nickname. There are many words in Greenlandic that express feelings that we have for each other, or describe how we care for one another.

Greenlandic words are not easily translated to other languages; this is also the case for “Nuno”. The meaning comes the closest to the smallest in the family, the youngest, little sweet one, the little lovely one. It relates somewhat to the word baby, but it is much more emotional. It is especially directed at the littlest ones in the family.

The name NunoOrganic is well suited to our product line because it captures the tender emotion we feel for our children, and combines it with the knowledge that the products are safe.


NunoOrganic’s wide selection of exclusive baby and children’s clothes must match the quality of the shopping experience.

It means a lot to us that our customers are pleased with our products and services and that they want to come back.

We aim to give our customers a unique shopping experience.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

All the best, Nicole