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Natural Clothing Company
Several years ago, when my son was diagnosed with serious health problem (without possible cause or cure), it was my last day as an employee. I moved my family out of town, started organic gardens and like any mother, spent days and nights researching everything and anything that could help restore health. It was very disheartening to confront how badly damaged by toxins is the environment we live in, what food we digest and even more important - in that environment our next generation grows up. But it also opened the door to incredible amount of contacts with really caring people and especially women, who are doing everything possible to help people and help the planet. These pages of feminist.com are full of inspirational stories about it.

Eating organic food, drinking good water and living close to nature lead to understanding that skin, as the largest organ has a huge impact on our health. Hence my business was born: Natural Clothing Company. It is a woman owned online business specializing in organic and natural fibers clothing and accessories. Fabulous hemp, organic cotton, organic cotton, bamboo products sold there are grown and processed without the use of pesticides or toxins. They are also made without use of animal products or by-products.

By the way, my son is stably improving and helps a lot with his amazing skills and knowledge of computers!