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High Sierra Botanicals
This diverse line of healing and personal care products offers safe, effective alternatives to chemically-based products. Formulated and handmade by Holly Beatie (sole woman owner), these Earth-friendly products are enhanced with flower essences for body, mind, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

HB: I did not consciously set out to become a healer or personal care product maker. My journey into the world of plants and their incredible healing gifts has been guided by higher forces of nature. These energies have taught me to pay attention on many subtle levels and eventually learn to self-nurture, receive, and believe in the higher principles of Love and Light.

In the twenty or so years prior to becoming a flower essence practitioner and botanical product developer, I was a world-class athlete and member of the U. S. Biathlon Team (cross-country skiing and rifle marksmanship). I accomplished a great deal in the competitive arena. Not only did I win a world championship medal in Biathlon (relay bronze), a first for America, but excelled in a variety of other sports as well.

The downside to my athletic endeavors was that I used my physicality as a form of self-abuse and addiction. Lack of self-worth can be an incredible motivator. Sub par performances are intolerable——but winning actually does nothing to quell the lack of self-esteem and self-belief——there’s always that inner critic telling you, you still were not perfect enough. There’s only an imagined sense of joy in this predicament.

One can only suffer under this kind of stress and punishment for so long. At one point I nearly died because my body had finally reached its limit and went into deep collapse—OUCH! I knew nothing of emotional rights, healthy boundaries, self-nurturing, or authentic self-love.

From this point I embarked on a challenging, yet ultimately successful healing journey. As I learned how to feel my emotions and get in touch with the wounded places within, I discovered flower essences and their ability to transform, re-pattern and balance energies in my heart and mind. They have played a huge role in my process of self-recovery and discovery. I also became aware of my deep affinity for wild places, and the critters and plants that inhabited them. In 1998 I had a wondrous encounter with a Lynx who basically told me that it was time to open up to the secrets that are hidden deep in my soul (easier said than done).

As I reflect on the past nine years and the diverse product line that I have generated, I’m a little astonished. Most of my flower essence formulas and stock essences have been created in the midst of my own inner healing process. They have literally birthed me as I have birthed them. The personal care and medicinal products have come about from my own needs and a desire to source the absolute best formulations from plant sources. The combining of the variety of botanical derivatives into complex products that are natural, non-toxic, and highly effective, is a magically creative venture. The High Sierra Botanicals products are brought to life through a cooperative, guided process of love, heart, and intention.

It is very important to me that more people discover the beautiful healing capacity of vibrational remedies. Therefore, I will include a free flower essence formula with all first-time orders of $30 or more that come to me through feminist.com through May 2007. Just type “feminist.com” in the special instructions box on the secure web order form.