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Girls Not Chicks
Artists and activists Irit Reinheimer, Jacinta Bunnell, and Julie Novak have teamed up to create coloring books for a genderific new world. Girls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls Will Be …, Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away With Another Spoon, and Girls Are Not Chicks Coloring Books feature illustrations in a traditional coloring book style with captions such as “Sometimes the princess is saved by the girl next door” and “No one wants to fight patriarchy alone. Make friends”. These books showcase the complexity and fun of being a girl, a boy and everything in between. They are a witty and empowering way to remind yourself about self-acceptance. The creators have received correspondence from schools, diversity trainers, parents, childcare centers and summer camps, all of whom are using the coloring books in inspiring ways.

These books are a subversive and playful way to examine how pervasive stereotypes about gender are in every aspect of our lives. Available at www.girlsnotchicks.com and www.reachandteach.com

"These coloring books are beautiful and visionary."
--Jennifer Berger, About-Face

"Get this cool feminist coloring book even if you don't have a kid."
--Jane Pratt, Founding Editor, Jane and Sassy Magazines