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Eco Gifts and Décor
Many women will relate to this. Going through life on automatic pilot, with a career that was demanding and on reflection not often enjoyable – entangled in the necessities of juggling a happy but busy family life with earning money...

And now I have exhaled, and feel a sense of freshness and renewed enthusiasm from my new endeavours. Eco Gifts and Décor is an online store that I launched in August 2013. This is not a career. This is a passion! Aahh, therein lies the difference.

Filled with beautiful eco-friendly home wares and gifts, our store is receiving feedback that is uplifting and positive. My focus is to make sure our customer service is friendly and engaged, and our products are high quality and ones that I would love to have in my own home. What does eco-friendly mean? Natural fibers, sustainable, organic, recycled, repurposed, upcycled, free from chemicals. No harm to us or the environment.

Everything is purchased in the USA, and a lot of those are made locally. There are stories behind each range and we have written those up on our site so that you are better informed about what you are buying.

By the way, I am an Aussie who is thrilled to be working within the US market.

Visit our store soon. We would love your company!