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BUTTERFLY AND NATURE GIFT STORE Randi Creates Eco-friendly Displays and Art Using Real Exotic Butterflies

BOTTLED DESIGNS Jewelry Handmade from Reclaimed Antique Glass and Bottles

ECO-ARTWARE.COM Gifts from Recycled and Natural Materials by 25 Innovative Artists

ELAINE T. PARTNOW Actress and Author of "The Quotable Woman," Offers Living History Portraits of Notable Women

EVELYNE POUGET Parisian-Born Landscape and Portrait Painter

GREEN WOMAN STORE Women's Art & Culture. Books, Jewelry, Prints, Posters, DVDs, Poetry.

KATHARINE L. MCKENNA ART Contemporary Fauvist Landscape Paintings

KELLY MERCHANT PHOTOGRAPHY Commercial/ Fine Art Photographer Working in Digital and Large Format Film

LANDSCAPES WITHIN Donating to Alzheimer's Research, Floral Photography Greeting/Enclosure Cards, Prints

MAIDEN NATION A Global Marketplace Where Women Rule and Fresh, New Design is the Law

SANDRA BARGMAN Actor, Singer, and Interfaith Minister Creating Sacred Theater that Explores and Celebrates Life

SATYA JEWELRY Yoga-inspired Jewelry with Beauty and Meaning, Sacred Symbols and Healing Gemstones