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Cool Careers for Girls Book Series

Cool Careers for Girls Book Series, written especially for girls, tells what it is like today for working women in all types of jobs - traditional, nontraditional, and entrepreneurial. In its upbeat and informative pages are answers to questions the girls themselves might ask:

What are the jobs that women find meaningful? What are women succeeding at today? How did they prepare for these jobs? How did they find them? What's their life like? Each book features women who love their work, are economically independent, and enjoy a satisfying lifestyle. Each woman tells her story - what she does on her job and off, and what steps she took to get where she is today. Each career track is illustrated for easy reference, and photos show the woman at work. The back section gives advice and resources to help girls get started discovering what work they would love.
Careers covered range from working with animals to sports coach to astronaut to ballet dancer.
As of January 2003, the series features 13 titles, with a new title published each year. Work areas covered are Air and Space, Animals, Computers, Construction, CrimeSolvers, Engineering, Environmentalists, Food, Health, Law, Performing Arts, Sports, and Travel and Hospitality.

About the authors: Ceel Pasternak is an editor and journalist with 22 years' experience in publications management, including senior positions on magazines. She continues to champion women's issues and lives in Asheville, NC. Linda Thornburg is a Washington, D.C.-based writer with more than 20 years' experience managing communication programs. An editor of several newsletters on topics such as human resources, health care, and training, she has interviewed women in abroad range of career fields

For details and order information see:
www.coolcareersforgirls.com and www.impactpublications.com





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