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Jack Bryant Tuckner & Associates

Jack Bryant Tuckner & Associates is a progressive New York City law firm dedicated to issues of women's empowerment in the workplace. Sexual harassment policy implementation, education, counseling and litigation; Equal Pay, Pregnancy Discrimination & Family and Medical Leave Act litigation, as well as sexual orientation discrimination.

Jack Bryant Tuckner is a veteran mediator and trial attorney who has represented women against employers ranging from individuals to large corporations. He is a long-standing member of the National Employment Lawyers Association of New York, the New York Women's Bar Association, and the New York Trial Lawyers Institute. He is the founder of LawGames, a personal consulting and coaching service to enhance the performance aspects of his clients' public addresses and trial presentations. Mr. Tuckner frequently speaks publicly on matters of employment equity, workplace gender equality and sexual harassment. For women in New York facing challenges in employment, there is no charge for a consultation with Mr. Tuckner.

Call (212) 766-9100, or E-mail: [email protected].
Web site: www.womensrightsny.com.

Jack Bryant Tuckner & Associates
120 Broadway 18th Floor
New York, NY 10271



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