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Basic Bags For EveryDay by Eco-Bags Products. Your source for natural and organic cotton shopping and all purpose tote bags, promotional products and services and The Garbage Monster, an educational eco-program. Choose to reuse. Woman Owned.
EcoMall.com is one of the Internet's oldest and largest environmental portals of earth-friendly companies and resources. We promote sustainable and healthy ways of living. Featuring "Green Living Magazine", an "Enlightenment Library" and more. (845) 679-2490 www.ecomall.com
EnviroScape is a woman-owned, small business that produces a series of interactive, portable models that dramatically demonstrate water pollution - and its prevention. The program currently consists of Nonpoint Source, Wetlands, Landfill & Hazardous Materials Kits.
Light Therapy Products... Wake up naturally with dawn simulators. Full Spectrum Chromalux light bulbs and Sun Box light boxes. Find information about Seasonal Affective Disorder. Fight Seasonal Depression and feel better with light. Visit www.LightTherapyProducts.com or call 1-800-486-6723. Woman owned.