Black Women in Sisterhood for Action (BISA), founded on January 10, 1980, is a national non-profit corporation whose purposes are to develop and promote alternative strategies for educational and career development of black women in the world of work; provide scholarship assistance to deserving youths; provide support and social assistance to senior black women in the community; share information and resources in meaningful ways with the community-at-large; and to provide leadership, role models, and mentors for young people.

BISA provides opportunities for its members to use their talents and ideas, and to share their experiences as they grow personally and collectively. It provides opportunities for its members to learn management and leadership skills, networking, team building, communication techniques and image building. BISA's members develop and learn these skills by actively working on its committees: Executive, Program, Newsletter, Calendar, Scholarship, Travel, Senior Partners, Finance, and Membership.

Moreover, BISA is a high energy organization which motivates, stimulates and produces results. It guarantees that you will work, you will learn and you will have fun. It is exciting!



* Book - Distinguished Black Women, every five years

* Calendar - Distinguished Black Women, annually

* Newsletter - The Black Woman, quarterly


  • January - Scholarship Dinner
  • February - Distinguished Black Women Exhibit
  • April - Gala to salute Distinguished Black Women
  • August - "Back to College Brunch"
  • August - Workshop for program planning by members
  • November - Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner Program for Senior Partners and their guests
  • * Educational Travel

  • Distinguished Black Women Network
  • Educational and Career Development for members
  • Scholarship assistance for young high school graduates
  • Senior partners for elderly women in the community
  • Travel/Study of Africa for members and invited guests
  • Community outreach for exchange of information and sharing of resources


The proceeds from BISA's publications support the scholarship fund. BISA has expanded its scholarship program to fifteen historically black colleges and universities across America.

BISA feels that scholarship assistance, to young people who are embarking on a college career, has great potential for making a difference in the educational, political, economical, and social well-being of black people. BISA is determined to help make this a reality.

BISA is proud to present Distinguished Black Women (1986-1990, 1991-1995, 1996-2000)

BISA welcomes new members and volunteers, as well as mentors to our students at the different colleges and universities that participate in our programs. We are currently seeking college interns in the Washington, DC area. If you are interested, please call (301) 460-1565.

P.O. Box 1592
Washington, DC 20013
(301) 460-1565
E-mail: [email protected]

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An organization of Black Women whose purposes are exclusively educational and charitable.