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I need 4 names of Fortune 500 companies where women are the CEO or president. Also, I need to find out what the major dilemmas are for women. I would appreciate it if someone could contact me asap. Thank you!

I only know of three female CEO's of Fortune 500 companies--Jill Bayard of Mattel (the makers of Barbie); Linda Wachner of Warnaco and now, the woman who is the head of IBM. The fourth might be Ann Fundge of Maxwell House--though I thought she was a vice president and/or Muriel Siebert--the first woman to have a seat on the NY Stock Exchange. As for your second question "what the major dilemmas are for women"--that's a pretty broad question--and one that depends on the individual women. In general--balancing work and family, having enough resources to support yourself and your family...

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