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I am doing a research paper on women in the workplace. I am trying to prove that women are still treated unequally. One of my main points is that they have few executive positions and positions of power. I was wondering if you know of any place that I can find statistics about that. If you do I would greatly appreciate you letting me know. Thank you for your information and taking the time to read this e-mail.
Thank You,
Student at The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM--and good luck in advance on your research paper. You should have no problem proving that women are still unequal in the workplace. To find information to support your point--that women are in very few positions of power and/or executive positions--my first suggestion is that you contact Catalyst, which is an organization devoted to working with women in these "higher level" positions.

Besides researching this end of your equation, I also think it is important to document that women also make up the majority of low-wage jobs. Even though a few women have "broken" the glass ceiling, there are still too many women "stuck" to the sticky floor of the pink collar ghetto. If you look at any profession that is more than 60% female--it is a lower-wage job. Vice versa, if a profession is more than 60% male it is likely to be a more respected job. To find this breakdown by profession, you can contact the U.S. Department of Labor. Also, there are numerous other resources listed throughout the work section here at Ask Amy.


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