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I am a 28 year employee and have worked hard to advance to obtain the title of Assistant Vice President. I am being paid far less than other male Assistant Vice Presidents and have been told this is justified because the males have a college degree and I do not. Why is this fair? If I have been placed in the position and am doing the same job. I feel I should be paid equally. I have earned my position and not just placed in it because of a degree. Also, I was told that titles are "free". I would appreciate your feedback and any information on this issue.

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM--and for being a great example of what young women can achieve. I'm sure that you are paving the way for many others--hopefully now you can pave the way for them in the way of pay equity. There is clause that essentially allows one person to be paid more than another because of "commensurate experience," which in this case is a college degree. Although there are loopholes, you certainly have a point. I am not an expert on this issue and therefore, suggest that you contact the National Committee on Pay Equity, which is located at FEMINIST.COM. They can provide you with more specific information on how to pursue this further.


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