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I work in a law firm. I am fortunate to work with female and male attorneys who hold feminist values. There has been much discussion of late about an email sent to all the staff reminding us of the dress code policy. We have been told that the female staff must wear hose or socks with all shoes. Our female attorneys are frequently seen not wearing these items and nothing has been said to them to our knowledge. We are located in the heart of Texas and we are in the middle of a harsh heat wave. The female staff is very upset about this. I just wanted to thank all of you who provide this site. I find it a great source of comfort. My dilemma is whether or not to try to promote change in the standards for the staff. There is a great deal of fear about rocking the boat. I would appreciate any suggestions or comments. I do understand that there are much bigger issues that will need responding to. I am very glad this site is available.

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. I'm not envious that you are in the middle of this heat wave--and on top of that that you have to wear hose or socks. I would ignore the rules, too. Do they make the men wear socks? It seems like a subtle, but important battle. Are they putting similar restrictions on men and women? Maybe suits is the most they can push it in either direction. I think that you should consult other women in the firm and get their opinions. If you seem to have some people involved--power in numbers--then you may appear less to be "rocking the boat" and more to be "correcting injustices."

Sorry I can't add more--good luck.

RESPONSE: Thanks for the response. I felt pretty silly after I read some of the real and life threatening issues and campaigns on your bulletin board. Yes, men and women are treated equally. They can't please everyone, that is what it boils down to. There are many who are with me on this. As a matter of fact, that is why I got so fired up about it. Again, the issues you are asking for activism on compared to this are night and day. The Iranian women need my energy more than affluent American women. There are certainly battles here in the States also that need a lot of energy and backing. One of those is the bill that passed limiting a minor from crossing state lines for abortion without parental permission. I bet Sarah Weddington is sick. I am fortunate she fought Roe v. Wade, and won before my time. We have to remember that our right can be fought against and taken away just as fast as they can be fought for and given. Thanks again for the response, Anonymous


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