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Hello, my name is Liza and I am currently a sophomore at Eastern Michigan University. I have become quite active with the women's studies department at school as well as the department at the University of Michigan. I'm majoring in English and hope to go into publishing, although I don't know exactly what the field entails. I would like to work with a feminist publishing company as incorporating my love for literature and activism with women's issues would be fused together. My problem is that I don't know where to begin looking for a job such as this. This is my first attempt at finding a source so hopefully you can email me back with some names of publishing companies specific to women and located in the San Fransisco/ Berkeley area. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me with this matter, even if it's for a poosible internship program. I just need to know of some companies that I can possible work for. Thank you for your time, Liza

Per your note to FEMINIST.COM, here are some feminist publishing companies to start your search:

  • Seal Press (Seattle, WA)
  • Kitchen Table Press (NY, NY)
  • The Feminist Press (NY, NY)
  • Cleis Press
  • Spinster, Inc. (Maybe SF or Maybe Minnesota)
  • South End (Boston, MA)
  • Common Courage (Boston, MA)
  • Virago (London, England)


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