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I found your pages for the first time today and I am glad. I write from Prague, Czech Republic. That is Europe. I am an undergraduate student at Charles University and I would like to do a social research on housework in Prague in double career families. I am interested to know if there is such a research done in the US and if could possibly get it and how. Or, and this would be the best, if there is a book covering this topic or in the US or in Europe that could be translated. In Czech Republic the gender studies or feminist studies are still in diapers (literaly translated Czech expresion). Thanks for your help, Diana

I'm glad you found us. I have a few suggestions on where to find information on work and family and what is referred to as "the shift shift." Arlie Hochschild has researched this and written about it in her book--The Second Shift. You can order this through the FEMINIST.COM Bookstore. Also in New York City, there is the Families and Work Institute--330 East 7th Avenue, NY, NY 10001 (212) 465-2044. There is also the work of Hazel Henderson, Marilyn Waring and Gloria Steinem's article--"Revaluing Economics" in her book Moving Beyond Words. You can order these through the FEMINIST.COM Bookstore.

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