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I am interested in going into public interest law (women's reproductive rights, violence against women, etc.), but am not sure how to chose a law school that will help me accomplish this. The guide books I have found tell me where to go to get the highest starting salary, the best patent law education, or the most prestigious degree, but not which schools have feminist programs or focus on public interest law. Do you know of any resources (either in print or on-line) that rate schools according to either their concern for public interest issues or their "woman-friendliness"? I would be very grateful for any information you could supply. Thanks, Caryn

Thanks for your note--and good luck as you venture into the world of law libraries and late nights. Having not been to Law School I'm afraid I can't be of much help to you. A fellow board member at Feminist.com recommended the you "should look for a school that has clinical programs with a public interest focus (i.e. the civil rights clinic) and some active organizations (Women in law, battered women project) -- NYU is terrific." I would add, that you should find feminist law professors that you trust, respect, etc.. and see where they teach. For instance, Catherine MacKinnon is a professor at University of Michigan and Patricia Williams is at Columbia University. You might also check out our Women's Careers and Professional Organization Links for other resources.

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