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My name is Anna. I'm from Poland. I'm wtiting to you because I have to write about women at work. Especialy, what kind of role they play in the management world (business), what sort of obstacles they can meet at work and how they are treated by other people - men. It's difficult to find this kind of data. I've looked for research, essays, surveys and etc. Could you do me a favour and help me. I look forward to hearing to you. Anna

Thanks for your note -- and I'm sorry that you have had such a frustrating time locating information about women and work. The sources that I am most familiar with on this topic are books--and, unfortunately, I don't know how easily available they would be in Poland. If you can access them you should try:

When Work Doesn't Work Anymore by Elizabeth Perle McKenna and/or The Second Shift by Arless Hoschild. There are others, too, that I could recommend if you are unable to access these. (Visit the Feminist.com.COM Bookstore for these books and other ideas).

Assuming that the web is going to be the best option--you should spend some time looking at Feminist.com. Specifically, you should contact 9to5, the National Organization of Working Women. I hope these suggestions lead you to some helpful research.


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