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After graduation from college 5 years ago I found myself in the role of administrative assistant. I believe that I have much more to offer an employer. How can I market myself as more than an admin. when my resume will clearly show employment history of nothing but administrative work? Can women break out of the administrative role and be seen as more to an employer?

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. I know so many young women who are in your situation...so I know that many will read this and in a weird way be comforted by your frustration. Together, we could have a massive walk out of admin. assistants -- and then the powers that be would start to really reconsider.

I don't know enough about your employment history to be able to make an informed response, but for starters, you have to know what you want and don't want. We can't get too caught up in labels--after all they are only labels. It's what we actually do that matter. You need to make this clear to people. What are the exact skills, what do you bring that no one else does, what have you spent the past five years doing that makes you ready for the next level? Make sure you have answers to these and mostly the confidence to articulate them. Another trick might be to leave your "titles" off your resume and focus on what you've done.


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