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I am writing a report as part of my degree at Southampton University in the UK on the problems and experiences of female entrepreneurs in male dominated sectors. I have been looking through your site which is extremely informative but I have been unable to locate any information on this issue. Would you be able to help me? Or do you know of anyone or any sites who can? I am looking for any information, statistics, studies, etc to help provide a background for my study. Thank you for your time - Leanne

In general, female entrepeneurs face two main obstances:

  • lack of access to initial capitol, loans, etc...
  • a general climate of sexism that makes it harder for people to take women seriously when it comes to "money."
However, women have certainly made strides - in fact, women owned businesses employ more employees than Fortune 500 companies. So the tide is changing - and this is in no small part to the work of people who have prioritized this issue. For instance, the National Association of Women Business Owners - which networks these businesses. Also, there is a new program called "Count-Me-In" - which is working to combat these obstacles and to provide women with the resources they need to start their own businesses (www.count-me-in.org). I hope those links lead you to more information. Good luck.


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